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The extra competitors, the higher

The chairman of the Alkaline Water Company discusses how stronger competition in the premium water category serves to confirm its role as a pioneer.

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12, 2020

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Aaron Keay is Chairman of the Alkaline Water Company, a manufacturer of premium alkaline water in bottles, flavored water and CBD infused products. Keay shares with # ThePlaybook moderator David Meltzer how his professional sporting background helps him in business, how the rise of premium water and his tip for tips.

Keay talks about the lessons he learned from professional football that he used for his business career, including the importance of leadership, accountability, honesty and humility. He also talks about the company's early strategy to focus on large bottle alkaline water and how it has since diversified to include small bottles, flavored water, and products infused with CBD.

Keay talks about increasing competition in the alkaline water market, especially when Smartwater – owned by Coca-Cola – launched its alkaline water. According to Keay, this competition confirms the category and role of his company as pioneers and innovators.

As an hydration expert, Keay recommends not drinking water with meals and drinking water from half an hour before eating. He says this will allow the digestive system to better absorb nutrients and enzymes from the food we eat.

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