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The 6-digit life coach: Debbie Cherry from Practitioner Freedom

24, 2020

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Turning clinicians into coaches so they can show up for their clients and generate six-figure incomes is what motivates Debbie Cherry. She is the perfect person for it because it is a journey that she has traveled herself.

Like many clinicians, Cherry began trading time in one-on-one counseling sessions for dollars, but the need to make a bigger impact and regain some family time led her to start Relationship Remedies, a couple counseling program. The process of creating and marketing this program helped Cherry identify some of the loopholes that are holding many clinicians from growing their businesses successfully.

"I've seen clinicians fall through the cracks because they didn't get online sales, online marketing, and didn't understand the technology," she says. "They had something great to share with the world, but they needed help to do it."

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Freedom for Wellness Practitioners

Cherry realized that she had the marketing and leadership skills to help these clinicians take the next step and start their own coaching programs. That's why Cherry launched Practitioner Freedom in 2018, which works with therapists, counselors, clinicians, psychologists, and other healers to help them transition from the one-on-one medical model to a one-to-many online delivery model that will help them serve more people and at the same time create more personal freedom for yourself.

"We're focused on simplifying the marketing process and reducing the noise of fancy funnels and building email lists to guide customers to the most powerful ways to find and win customers," explains Cherry.

And she has chosen a lucrative niche. According to PWC and ICF, the number of coaches increased by 33 percent between 2015 and 2019. The sector's estimated sales in 2019 were $ 2.849 billion.

One of Cherry's main mantras is "emerge". It's what she does herself, and she helps her clients do the same, using the technology and platforms that are available like social media to connect on a deeper level. She advises, "We can use social media and platforms forever in this online connection world. Think of this as a new opportunity to find people and connect with people, and just start showing yourself and sharing what They think."

For her, it was the cornerstone of building a six-figure business: "The more you are out there, the more Facebook lives you have, the more people you talk to, the more you show up and be seen." and stand for something, the more customers you get and the faster you have a sustainable business. "

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Making an impact with generosity and tenacity

Additionally, she encourages that you must be generous and persistent. Generosity means being willing to be vulnerable, to take risks, and possibly to fail. In the meantime, tenacity is about constantly finding a way to get your message across and make the big impact you want to make.

In this process, Cherry adds, it's also important to identify your niche. However, she cautions her clients not to focus more on psychography than demographics. "It doesn't have to be a focus on this person with this background doing this job," she says. "It's more: what is your worldview? What is most important to you. If you can articulate what you are going through and where you want to be on a deep, specific level, then you feel heard and seen, and that is how you cut through the noise."

Obviously, this approach works for Cherry and takes them from a six-digit to a seven-digit company in no time. But while emerging and building a strong business foundation will take you from nothing to six-figure, the enabler for a seven-figure business has the right team around you.

"Don't hire people to fill holes or take pressure off," confirms Cherry. “When people are hired to fill in the gaps, they are often not as empowered to really be a part of it. Hire people who are all interested in your vision. We are a firm believer in innovation and we are not going to become cogs in the wheel of another." We believe in discarding old paradigms and looking for new ways to quickly streamline, accelerate and move forward. We also believe in the freedom to choose how you want to do things. And we believe in having fun. "

Cherry models what her trainers and clients should duplicate. She describes her leadership style as collaborative rather than hierarchical, focusing on freedom, autonomy, flexibility, and leveraging the gifts of team members. She also wants to avoid what she sees as outdated paradigms.

"Every little decision is how we maximize our energy and not get caught in a service model," she says, "where we just plunge into the ground."

Shaping the future of wellbeing

While 49 percent of coaching practitioners reported lower income due to the pandemic, Kirsch's own business is bucking the trend: "I think it has helped us really assert our position in challenging the status quo, and it has also helped our customers Customers are signing up in a transformation because more people are at home, and that opens up new opportunities. "

One of Cherry's most popular success stories from the program is about a person who was disabled and was about to give up. "They invested in the program, followed the steps, really done the personal growth work to show themselves and serve their clients at a higher level and learn new skills," she recalls. "Within two months they had 10 high paying customers." And now this customer also has a six-figure business.

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Cherry has a strong vision for the Practitioner Freedom program. "We're working really hard on how you use your gifts," she says. "How do you maximize your time, energy and resources? We want to lead by example and help shape the future of wellbeing."

And the coaches she works with want to do the same. "All of our practitioners want to be leaders in wellness," says Cherry. "So they want to get out of diagnosing, labeling, and relieving symptoms and defining wellness and the new paradigm. That's where we're going as a team."

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