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That you must acknowledge your individual achievements first earlier than anticipating others to do the identical

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In order for others to recognize and know us, it is extremely important that we first recognize our work ourselves and give it the dissemination it deserves, without prejudice and without fear.

Over time, I've found that in the world of entrepreneurship, it is very rare for someone to talk about their experiences of failure, fear, or uncertainty. To be honest, I don't understand why entrepreneurs ultimately consist of small pieces that, along with many other characteristics that we develop along the way, shape our character, our desires, our passion, our commitment and our responsibility.

I give this thought because today I want to plant a seed around a topic that many of us live but few of us speak: the grief of the entrepreneur. How? Shyness? Pain? Punishment for what or what?

Recently a colleague told me that it would be a good idea for me to share my articles published in the chat of the group of entrepreneurs that we are part of. Since these can be found on Twitter; And that I post them on my social networks, I don't share them more directly with my company network. At that point, my first thought was, “I don't want to sound really self-centered. although I love my articles ”. However, my real answer was, "Okay, I'll shake it off and start sharing."

And voilà, this exchange of words was enough to make it clear to me for several days what is extremely important for every entrepreneur. It is important to make our work known! And here I want to ask some questions I asked myself during this process: Why are we sorry to share our achievements? Why are we ashamed to talk about ourselves? Why are we ashamed to show our work when we know it is good? And why should they see us as self-centered?

I summarize all of this in one sentence: In order for others to recognize and know us, it is extremely important that we first recognize our work ourselves and give it the dissemination it deserves, without prejudice and without fear. And by fear I mean thinking about absurd things like, "And if they don't like it." "What if you disagree?" "And if they make fun of me." Let's see stop! In real life, not everyone likes us, not everyone agrees, and people will always have something to say anyway. So why not focus on the positives instead?

Below I share some situations that you can use to share your work. directly or indirectly, and that will keep you present in people's minds without feeling self-centered and without embarrassment.

Do you think digital media is the only channel for your business? Analyze it!

Yes, we've all heard the typical phrase, "If you're not on the internet, you don't exist." But what about the meetings? Have you ever taken advantage of the meal at which everyone was talking about business and out of shame you chose not to say anything? My advice is that when you have a formal, even informal obligation to turn your ears and when you see the opportunity to mention an anecdote about your work, talk about it! It's not about just talking about you, just getting fed up with work issues about your company or others, no! What I am going to do is it is about getting known that people know what you are up to or what your company is up to. This lets others keep an eye on you at all times. I will give you an example:

I'm in a business conversation, and suddenly one of those present adds: "I don't have enough time either, so I want someone to be responsible for creating the content for my company's blog." The conversation goes on, but in paying attention to this detail, my goal is to look for the opportunity to get closer to that person and say, “I identified a lot with what you said about the time have what I also feel on many occasions that it is not enough for me. But in your case, I think you might be interested in the services my company offers. Do you think we'll meet tomorrow to talk? "And then I opened a door myself to offer one of the services my company offers: writing content for business blogs.

Now think about how you can apply this to your business.

Do you have a blog or do you write articles? Post it!

Let my experience serve as a lesson. If you have a blog with articles about your business or about your products and / or services, share them! If you write for a newspaper or for several magazines, get your material known. Talk about it, send it on WhatsApp to those people who you think will help them in their business, and don't forget to spread the word through the great corporate network, LinkedIn.

Do you learn something new? Share it!

In this age it is important to be versatile. If you are a writer, you need to learn how to use design programs, how social networks work, how to take pictures, and so on. If you know how to do something else, or learn to do something to complement your work, let the world know! No, it's not about showing off, it's about knowing the skills that you possess or that characterize your business around you.

Have you ever been asked what you are doing and left blank? Speaks!

It has happened to many of us that as soon as they ask us what we are doing, we stay in a trance and think about what to say, how to say it, or how to explain it. Please don't make it appear like the mouse has your tongue. These types of opportunities are unique in identifying you, knowing exactly what you are doing and what you are offering. My suggestion is that you practice a presentation of no more than 40 seconds in which you repeat the name of your company, the services or products offered, and most importantly, the benefits. Practice until you take it for granted and, if necessary, get creative with it to grab attention!

In short, don't get stuck with wanting to get yourself right. Learn to be selective and save energy for those moments when it is really worth communicating. And remember, you never know where the best business opportunities may arise.

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