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That is the way you enhance your incomes potential

New lessons are introduced each year for us to incorporate on this life journey, and this one in particular is no exception. In a world that is constantly changing, one thing has to stay the same if we can turn when necessary. Whenever challenges arise in life, we often make changes and shift out of power rather than freely choosing. While this logic can be applied to any aspect of our lives, it is a particularly important concept when it comes to our finances. You don't have to wait for your employer to cut back on staff or cut working hours to speed up your rediscovery process. Make a decision today that regardless of what happens in the economy, you take the steps to ensure your profitability is not in someone else's hands.

Set yourself apart from others and strengthen your skills

Often times, the most important thing you can do before starting any plans is strengthening your skills. Can others rely on you? If you run your own business or want to be a high performing contributor, are you reliable? Being able to break down complex situations and find workable solutions, pay special attention to details and ask the right questions at the right time are skills that many people often have, but have not yet mastered. In the long run, if you focus on all of the skills that naturally come to mind in achieving mastery, you will definitely add to the opportunities presented to you over other candidates. It's not about competition because what is for you does not pass you by. It is about actively showing that you are indeed the best candidate with the physical results to prove it.

Look for new opportunities and expand your skills

People believe that there are few ways to get extra income – one of which is a sideline. This is not necessarily the case. Finding opportunities in your current or new job may be exactly what you need to make significant progress in increasing your income and visibility. Familiarize yourself with the personnel guidelines for promotions and role transfers. Check to see if there are side projects that you can add to your workload to improve your skills while being introduced to a new audience. Consider exploring that. Make sure you document the pros and cons of the newly added responsibilities and make sure they match who you ultimately want to be on. Don't be afraid to have a conversation with your manager and share your goals.

Ask For More (and Quantify It)

Employers have mid-year and year-end reviews to review performance goals and ensure that the work you have done over time is aligned with the responsibilities of the team and the company. While this is a record, as an employee, you don't have to wait until this designated time to discuss career goals. This conversation not only creates awareness between you and your manager, but also enables them to understand your desire for more. I'm sure we all had less than desirable bosses, employees, and teams. We have also been in situations where we know that the work we were asked to do was so much more than the actual amount of money we took home. Have an open and frank conversation with management to avoid the unfortunate cycle of overwork and underpaid that many get caught up in. Make sure you quantify each task and, if possible, associate a metric with it. This will help you build your professional story while also ensuring that your resume stays current for any new opportunities that arise.

Start a sideline

When your friends, family or co-workers often ask you to do something and you enjoy doing it; what's that thing & # 39 ;? What talents do you have by nature, as if it doesn't require a lot of effort? The answers to these questions should spark the idea of ​​your new side business. As daunting as it sounds, take the time to loosely create a plan. Remember this is scalable! Walk at the pace that is most comfortable for you and that can easily transition into your lifestyle. Seek help from family and friends as you use your larger network to promote your talent. Social media and word of mouth can go a very long way – take advantage of all outlets to promote yourself and your services.

Never underestimate the power of networking

We all have a comfort zone and usually stay in these walls regularly unless checked. However, do you consider the opportunities that might arise as you add several new people to your network? Leverage employee resource groups in your workplace, various professional networks in your local cities, and other organizations with a virtual platform. Do a quick Google search based on your preferred industry and start growing your network. There is a very familiar phrase that we have all heard at one point or another: "It's not what you know, it's who you know." LinkedIn is a great social media platform to talk to professionals around the world on various topics and subjects. Don't be afraid to stand there and make the connections that could lead you to new opportunities.

Become a Lifelong Learner

Make a commitment that regardless of the method you will always look for knowledge, regardless of the method. Discover personal and professional learning opportunities. This can be an advanced degree to expand the possibilities. For others, it may be certification in your desired area to advance to a better position – resulting in a raise. If any of these don't sound appealing or don't suit your current life circumstances, you can always attend conferences, webinars, podcasts, and so many other inexpensive (or free) learning channels to keep your skills in tip-top shape. This could be listening to an audible book while you drive in your car, or reading a new article about your industry every day before starting your day – the learning is limitless!

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