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That is the Chinese language quick video app that goals to combat TikTok

Kwai comes to Mexico to position itself and to offer Mexicans an alternative to entertain, enrich and seek dynamic and fun spaces that show their own reality.

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23, 2021

4 min read

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Kwai, the regional application of Kuaishou technology founded in Beijing in 2011, has officially arrived in Mexico to offer a different option to millions of users through a dynamic, inclusive and democratic virtual community. This innovative social network of short videos enables people to discover, create and share content that makes them and more people happy, and enables them to be seen and heard in equal measure thanks to the inclusive technology offered by Kwai.

Kwai is an exciting, thought-provoking, and most importantly, real-life short video community. With content and features that make video making a fun and easy process, and enable content creators and users to celebrate the fun side of life anywhere, any place. In addition, Kwai enables their platform and approach to transcend current fashion and promote real moments of happiness in real people's everyday lives.

“Our expansion in the region comes after a great reception in Brazil, a country where we have positioned ourselves as the most downloaded app on Google Play after almost two years of doing business. In this sense, Latin America is a very important market with enormous potential for the short video industry. We are very optimistic that his great cultural richness and recognized creativity will align very well with our philosophy of inclusion and diversity, ”commented Arturo Martinez, General Manager for Latin America at Kwai.

Courtesy of Kwai
Launched in Brazil in late 2018, Kwai has managed to make its users and content creators quickly adopt the features offered by the platform thanks to its user interface and recommendation system, as well as the ability to download and share videos outside of the app. designed to foster an inclusive community. Thanks to its technology and ease of use, the application has expanded rapidly in Latin America.

The application also has unique algorithms that do not discriminate against profiles. It should enable every user within the platform to participate fairly and build an equal, diverse and integrative virtual community. This is how Kwai users find unique and authentic people and stories, as well as a content environment that they can quickly connect to and identify with.

"We want our app to be positioned as a social instrument with which all people can authentically express themselves, be heard and seen regardless of social, economic or cultural differences or origins," added Arturo.

This integrative approach has made Kuaishou one of the most popular applications worldwide. Currently, more than 300 million users spend an average of 86 minutes a day on the various content shared on the platform.

Courtesy of Kwai

Monetize your creation

Currently, Kwai not only offers its users the opportunity to share videos, socialize and interact, but also enables its users to make money thanks to its referral program that allows users to download and use the free and free friends and acquaintances Invite the application using the personal code issued by the app.

Aurora Morales, Marketing Director at Latam, said: “The brand is committed to connecting every user in a positive way and getting them to discover the best seconds of their day through our content, which has a positive impact on the community . local".

Kwai expects to soon roll out its e-commerce, live streaming, and gift features, which are already available in other regions and enable additional monetization models.

Kwai is currently available on the iOS and Android systems in the App Store and Google Play.

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