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That is one of the simplest ways to recruit your startup

Recruiting is one of the most important jobs a donor does. So be extremely careful. Take our advice.

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14, 2020

5 min read

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Define the key competencies of the position. Take into account what kind of hard and soft skills your applicant must have. Analyze how much the company will grow and report it to HR if you have one.

The recruitment processes have changed qualitatively. A personnel recruitment and selection process is always a considered decision and responds to a number of requirements from the company. Previously, trends required that a hiring process be based on the applicant's knowledge and experience. In this way, the recruiter should mainly focus on hard skills that translate into knowledge, technical programs, years of experience, their school and professional background.

However, startups cannot be hired by dealing solely with these factors as they are experiencing accelerated growth. This requires a team that covers a profile that adapts to the company's new requirements. Recruiting is also one of the most important jobs funders do, so be extremely careful. Sam Altman, former president of Y Combinator and current CEO of OpenAI, points out that a startup that doesn't have a good hiring process will not succeed. because companies are the product of the teams that make up the founders. As an entrepreneur, you have to invest a lot of time and energy choosing the team that will take you forward.

One of the best methods is competency recruitment, which focuses on analyzing soft skills to define the desired profiles of employees that truly adapt to the company and its goals. Soft skills are closely related to the personality of individuals, they are things that cannot be changed, they are part of their personality, intuition, emotion management and, in general, the ability of individuals to adapt to new environments. Remember that a startup is constantly changing and growing. Therefore a team is needed that adapts to these requirements.


Therefore, the HR department (or the funder) needs to be much more analytical and less subjective. Much more tools like competency analysis and people analysis are used these days to help organizations better prepare for the dynamics of their operating environment and be proactive rather than reactive.

When we think about how traditional job interviews are conducted, they are usually based on specific questions that answer hypothetical situations, such as: where do you see yourself in 5 years? What are your strengths and weaknesses? among many other examples that you will know well if you've ever gone through a similar interview process. The candidate's goal is to sell themselves and they will respond based on hypotheses. likely to answer what the interviewer wants to hear. The "dark side" of his personality is rarely really shared.

On the other hand, keep in mind that if you are a startup and you need an effective mindset, you must first think about your company's needs. For example, if you feel that a milestone like a capital increase and accelerated growth is about to be reached, then you should be looking for the key competencies for one or two of the positions above. Your new hire should quickly be able to fill a position or two in, say, less than six months. Your team needs to be prepared for this leap. Don't set the position to be static without measuring your business's accelerated growth.

In order to achieve an effective hiring process, we therefore recommend:

Define the key competencies of the position. Take into account what kind of hard and soft skills your applicant must have. Analyze how much the company will grow and report it to HR if you have one. Anyone carrying out this process must do so through a competency analysis and the use of more than one tool that will help reinforce the data obtained. Keep in mind that it is always more profitable and cost-effective to develop your team than to keep hiring new employees due to a poor selection process or to think about short-term hires without first analyzing the needs of the company. Attract, retain, and develop the best talent.

There are a growing number of tools out there to help HR make far more assertive choices. Don't forget that you are dealing with people and that it is impossible to predict human behavior. It is therefore recommended to use multiple tools during a recruiting process in order to have sufficient data for analysis and to relate them. If you need to go through a hiring process and don't know how to do it, reach out to an expert.

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