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Tesla is reportedly delivery 7,000 Chinese language-made automobiles to Europe

A giant factory of the electric car manufacturer Tesla can be seen on October 18, 2019 in Shanghai, China.

Aly Song | Reuters

BEIJING – Tesla will start shipping electric cars from China to Europe on Tuesday, according to Chinese media reports.

Around 7,000 Model 3s made in the Gigafactory in Shanghai are expected to arrive in Belgium by the end of next month. Scheduled deliveries to countries like Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and Sweden, state-backed news agency The Paper said Monday.

Tesla didn't immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment.

Covid-19, which first hit the Chinese city of Wuhan late last year, has affected the ability of companies around the world to get back to work. The spread of the disease in China stalled earlier this year. But the pandemic has persisted in the United States and Europe, and countries in the west continue to grapple with second wave concerns.

After previous manufacturing issues, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the automaker produced 143,036 vehicles in the third quarter. The company announced that Model 3 production capacity for the Shanghai plant has reached 250,000 units per year since it opened.

Last week, Chinese regulators announced that Tesla is recalling up to 48,442 of its U.S.-made S and X models that have been sold to customers in China due to potentially faulty and unsafe front and rear suspensions.

Due to supportive government policies and cheaper technology, analysts predict that Europe and China – the world's largest auto market – will see significant growth in electric vehicle sales in the coming years.

– CNBC's Lora Kolodny contributed to this report.

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