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Study right now's finest knowledge analytics and undertaking administration instruments with this $ 40 bundle

Familiarize yourself with two aspects of a business that can be critical to growth.

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25, 2020

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Data and efficiency determine everything in business. With so much competition in the world, entrepreneurs need every advantage to be one step ahead of the competition. To achieve this benefit, they trust data and implement effective processes to reduce waste and enhance the benefits they can find. If you're struggling to figure out how to run your business through these tough times and scale into the future, you can take advantage of the courses in the Ultimate Data & Project Management Certification Package.

This 10-course package includes almost 50 hours of training on everything from data and project management – two aspects of any business that can be critical to growth. Learn how to work with Microsoft Power BI, one of the best business intelligence tools on the market. With Power BI, you can model your data to gain better insights and make smarter business decisions. You will also learn how to use Microsoft Excel for data analysis, how to manage databases with SQL, how to better use your company's data and much more.

Project Management gives you a comprehensive overview of Jira, a simple, intuitive, robust and powerful software development tool that is used by agile teams around the world. You will learn from practical examples how project management from Jira Agile can increase efficiency and reduce waste in your company. This way you can achieve more and use fewer resources at the same time. Regardless of whether you are building software or launching a new product, this training will give you the skills you need to do it efficiently and productively.

Increase your business by becoming a data and project management master. The Ultimate Data & Project Management Certification Package is available now for only $ 39.99.

Prices can change.

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