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Spotlight your model and discover ways to make a emblem on a finances

A logo is crucial to the identity of your brand. Here's how to make one with ease.

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20, 2021

2 min read

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Think of the biggest brands in the world. When you think of something as abstract as a "brand identity," it's likely that you have a logo in your mind's eye. From Pepsi to Facebook to Jaguar and millions more, the largest and most identifiable companies in the world usually have one thing in common: a fantastic and most importantly, memorable logo.

A logo is vital to increasing your brand identity as it is a symbol that people instantly associate with your brand and make it stand out in the marketplace. Creating a logo doesn't have to be expensive or difficult, especially if you've taken the full logo design master class in Photoshop.

This two hour course is taught by design expert Benjamin Wilson (4.5 / 5 Instructor Rating) in collaboration with the Entrepreneur Academy. Here Wilson gives you a fun, practical, step-by-step guide to Photoshop that absolute beginners can follow. You will learn the basics of text logos and symbols and learn how to incorporate existing symbols into your work. Wilson shows you how to organize your workspace layouts and how to effectively create and use layers. Crucially, you learn how to create Photoshop documents of various sizes, crop and resize images and icons, and make a variety of adjustments to make your design exactly the way you want.

Ultimately, you'll create a versatile stamp or emblem logo and create three vintage-style logos that you can use for your future projects.

You don't have to be an advanced designer to create a fantastic logo for your business. Currently, the complete logo design master class in the Photoshop course is available for just $ 19.99.

Subject to price changes.

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