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Speed up your new smile if you get again to work with Byte

Find out how you can save 75 percent on your impression kit and $ 100 on your aligners when you choose Byte as your dental correction solution.

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3, 2021

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Everyone wants perfect teeth, and while perfection is always out of reach, Byte can get you most of the way there in just three to four months. Unlike braces and even some other clear aligners, Byte is the shortcut to straighter teeth you've been looking for.

It all starts with an impression kit. Byte's footprints can be reduced from $ 95 to $ 25 and can be taken at home without having to set foot in a dental office. After you've taken an impression of your own teeth, simply send it in for scanning and an orthodontist will review your case to assess if Byte is right for you. You will then receive a 3D model virtually demonstrating your treatment plan, and finally, byte will send your client aligners along with step-by-step instructions that you should carefully follow for a smooth treatment.

At $ 1,895 – or $ 1,795 at its limited-time promotional price – Byte's prices drop directly on top of those of its competitors. With its flexible funding plans, that can drop to $ 83 per month. However, the company also offers a Byte At-Night Aligner system option that costs $ 99 per month or $ 2,295 on a one-off basis. While the original Byte plan required you to spend 22 hours a day wearing its aligners, Byte At-Night gives you the choice of only wearing them while you sleep. The only difference is that it costs more and takes longer.

Either way, Byte is great value for money, especially if you're in a hurry to improve your smile before heading back to the office. The company's exclusive HyberByte technology gives it a noticeable edge over competing services, and its byte-for-life guarantee ensures your teeth won't get out of alignment over time once you're done. When it comes to convenience, price and quality of service, Byte is unbeatable.

With a 75% discount, the cost of a Byte Impression kit is half that of Smile Direct Club, its closest competitor. Use the promotional code 02BYTELINK100, can save you $ 100 on aligners too. Shipping is free and the return box for your impression is included. Tooth correction has never been easier or cheaper than Byte.

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