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SoftBank joins the initiative to coach varied abilities in information science and AI

The alliance aims to train and improve the skills of underrepresented communities looking for opportunities.

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18, 2021

3 min read

This article has been translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

SoftBank Group Corp announced its support for Data Science for All / Empowerment (DS4A / Empowerment) on February 18 as part of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) academy. This alliance aims to train and improve the skills of underrepresented communities looking for opportunities in the data science field.

DS4A / Empowerment was developed by Correlation One and aims to train 10,000 people who prioritize Afro descendants, Latinos, women, LGBTQ + and US military veterans over the next three years to explore new avenues of economic opportunity in one of the am fastest growing industries to open up in the world.

SoftBank AI Academy supports programs that complement the theoretical training of traditional technical training courses with hands-on lessons, including artificial intelligence and data management skills that can be instantly applied to business needs.

DS4A / Empowerment provides training to employees of SoftBank Group International portfolio companies, including the Opportunity Fund and Latam Fund, as well as external candidates from the United States and Latin America, including Mexico.

The program is specifically designed to address gender equality and talent gaps in an area that has historically been inaccessible to many people, resulting in significant underrepresentation of women and Afro descendants. Participants will work on real-world case studies that are expected to have a measurable impact on the operational performance of participating companies.

IDB Lab, the Inter-American Development Bank Group's innovation lab, will join SoftBank providing more than 10 full grants for underrepresented candidates in Latin America, while Beacon Council will offer 4 full grants for underrepresented candidates based in Miami.

Program participants receive 13 weeks of data and analysis training (including optional Python training) as they work on case studies and projects, including projects presented by the SoftBank corporate portfolio. The initiative will also connect participants with mentors who provide career development and advice. Upon completion of the program, external participants will be associated with employment opportunities at SoftBank and leading companies in business, financial services, technology, healthcare, consulting and consumer.

Program and registration data

DS4A Empowerment is an online program taught in English over a period of 13 weeks. Classes will take place on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Eastern Time, ET) starting April 17, 2021.

The registration deadline for the program is March 7, 2021. Applicants who may consider applying include employees from the portfolio of SoftBank affiliates in the region, as well as software developers, technical product managers, technical marketers and those with STEM- Background is interested in learning to analyze data. To apply and learn more about the program, interested candidates can visit the official DS4A Empowerment website.

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