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So that you keep productive whereas working from dwelling

Try this productivity tip to improve focus and motivation.

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3, 2020

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While some people prefer remote work to the office, many of us have productivity problems when working from home. In this video, Ben Angel describes a motivational technique that helps you stay at work and reduce stress.

Angel explains how researchers found that using test takers' internal reward systems increased productivity. To trigger your internal reward system, Angel recommends rewarding yourself for completing large or small projects.

Start by identifying and writing down your goals. Angel recommends keeping a diary or using task management software to list your projects and due dates. List a reward next to each one that you will enjoy after completing the project.

Some examples of rewards that you could give yourself:

Stop working an hour earlier to spend time with the family. Order takeaway food. Watch a movie you haven't had time for

Do not reward yourself until you have completed each project. Be accountable if necessary by getting help from friends or family, or by posting on social media. But celebrate daily success to keep the momentum going and stay motivated.

Angel also recommends organizing your day before starting work and dividing the day into 30- or 60-minute increments to divide projects and reduce stress.

Less stress and proper nutrition, Angel says, will help strengthen the brain, keep the feeling of being overwhelmed at bay, and improve productivity.

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