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Seen all the things on Netflix? In the event you love basic motion pictures, you’ll love FlixFling.

FlixFling is the streaming service for movie lovers.

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24, 2020

2 min read

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There are so many streaming services out there these days that it can be difficult to keep up with all of them. There are plenty of new listings regularly, but if your tastes get a little out of hand, you may have trouble finding movies that you really want to see.

FlixFling is the streaming service for film fans. This streaming service provides access to movies that you probably won't find anywhere else. Their library spans thousands of films, from indie favorites and festival favorites to hard-to-find gems and cult classics. You're guaranteed to find plenty of rough diamonds in more than 5,000 films covering virtually every genre.

If you're a subscriber, you can also rent or buy great new releases. With your subscription you get a free built-in digital locker that saves all your purchases and makes them available for streaming via any supported device. In addition, FlixFling supports up to five connections at the same time, so that the whole family can watch their favorite films at will.

When you're tired of streaming services being as old as they are, give FlixFling a try. This ad-free streaming service is currently running a number of promotions. You can get a three-month subscription for 16 percent off $ 23 for just $ 19.99, a six-month subscription for 27 percent off $ 47 for just $ 34.99, and a one-year subscription for 37 percent Get $ 95 off for just $ 59.99 or get a two-year subscription subscription for 47 percent off $ 191 for just $ 99.99.

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