Rocket Professional TPO introduces a number of enhancements to its dealer know-how

Rocket Pro TPO has introduced a number of enhancements to its technology offerings for mortgage brokers, including a product designed to strengthen relationships with real estate agents with the anticipated move to a buy market.

The company has developed a proprietary tracking engine on its mortgage broker portal that details which real estate agents an originator is working with to ensure these relationships are protected.

"We will honor these connections while using our Rocket platform to help brokers build new partnerships," said Austin Niemiec, executive vice president of Rocket Pro TPO, in a press release. "The truth is there is a lot of business for anyone to succeed in the mortgage market and this is another example of Rocket Pro TPO's commitment to investing in our broker partners."

Rocket was in a battle for market share with United Wholesale Mortgage, a company also known for its mortgage broker technology. This also includes UWM's own marketing portal for broker use.

In March, UWM hired all mortgage brokers working with Rocket, claiming its rival near Detroit had a program in which its direct client unit worked with real estate agents.

In addition to the tracking engine, Rocket Pro TPO is introducing a new document portal that offers branding options for users.

Mortgage brokers can have their borrowers use the Rocket Pro TPO client portal to upload and electronically sign their mortgage documents. In addition, these brokers can place their brand on the portal alone or co-brand with Rocket.

Rocket Pilot has been testing the portal for the past few months and the company will be adding more users every week until it officially launches in December.

Another upgrade concerns the Rocket Pro TPO marketing hub, which now provides materials directly in the broker portal. With the change, mortgage brokers will be able to manufacture their promotional items with either their own brand or co-branding with Rocket, plus they will have the option to change the font, color, and images on the materials.

The marketing hub is now also more intuitive, searchable, and easy to use, according to the company.

It also announced two improvements to Rocket Connect, the communication technology between mortgage brokers and the company's underwriters.

Rocket Pro TPO now promises to respond to inquiries within two hours, and brokers have the option to forward their inquiry to the wholesaler's operations managers immediately.

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