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Right here's learn how to maximize the variety of linkable property in your web site

16, 2020

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The following linkable asset categories will help you think about the linkable assets of your company. If you think broadly and creatively at the start of a link building campaign or project engagement, you can get stronger and more effective campaign design. After all, you might be sitting on a connecting magnet and not even notice it!

1. Free apps and tools on your website

Do you provide free applications or web-based tools to your website visitors? If so, it is likely that these have already naturally attracted links. If you haven't yet promoted these link building tools, these assets can be used to develop even more links.

However, be careful when designing and building a tool or app – they can be expensive (sometimes two to three times what is expected or quoted), it seems to take forever to develop, and it can still go wrong. Nothing shows your expertise like a custom tool you've developed to make your customers' lives easier.

2. Gift products / services for donations / contests / reviews

If you have products or services to give away, you can earn links through donation thank you pages, through contests, and product / service reviews from experts in your market. Often times, this asset is one of the easiest ways to develop links. However, it's pretty easy for your competitors to emulate. In addition, these link building approaches can cause huge and unexpected logistical nightmares such as shipping and packaging, or even pulling the winner's contact information from the website where the giveaway is hosted.

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3. Thought leaders and subject matter experts

Are there existing or potential thought leaders and experts in your organization? Do you have time to write, podcast, host a webinar, or otherwise share your expertise with the marketplace? What about adding your key contributions to a conference presentation? Thought leaders could generate links in the form of interviews, guest posts, and citations to industry news. If you have a public relations or social media department, link builders should help them identify link opportunities that make these assets possible.

4.Widgets, tools, images and data for publishers (off-site)

Have you created any widgets, tools, images, or data that other website publishers can add to their sites? Infographics, embeddable tools, research data, and other types of information created for the express purpose of sharing are a classic and powerful way to collect links. If you have one of these assets and haven't been aggressively and extensively promoting it, you're leaving valuable links and relationships on the table.

5. Partner relationships

Do you have business partners, vendors, customers, and technology licensees? Each of these elements represents a potential link in the form of testimonials, published customer lists and "powered by" buttons. Compile a list of your vendors and partners and look for opportunities to acquire (and give away) links to all vendors. Think interviews, link requests for their suppliers and partners' pages, and update the "powered by" badges.

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6. Job offers, events and vouchers

If your organization publishes job vacancies, organizes events, or launches new products on a regular basis, there are many links available to you. Colleges and vertical industry websites are sometimes willing to link to new job posting pages. A good example of a linkable page is a company website that describes the benefits of working for that company. Many cities have event calendars that post details about your event and post links on their website for registration and more information. If you regularly offer coupons to your customers, you will find a large number of websites that list coupons, many of which have a link back.

7. Consistent posting on blog, video, podcast, PDFs, and social media

Does your organization publish content consistently? These linkable assets give you many types of link opportunities from your industry: from blog directories to niche social news sites and blog lists to PDF submissions and distribution sites. In some industries, the fact that your CEO blogs are link worthy and noteworthy in itself.

8. Budget

Money is almost always a linkable asset. When you have the money, you can offer it for a link on another site. However, the link opportunities that you can purchase are often easy for competitors to duplicate. Additionally, some search engines aggressively (in the form of lower search rankings) penalized links that are not marked or coded as advertising, making them a potentially risky investment that can do far more damage than it causes search traffic. Some websites, e.g. B. Directories also require a budget.

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