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Right here's how one can allow the 'Do Not Disturb' function in WhatsApp to disconnect from the app with out deleting it

WhatsApp's new "Do Not Disturb" tool allows you to "disconnect" from the application without uninstalling it. We will tell you how to activate it on your phone.

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6, 2021

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If you have the impression that new WhatsApp features will appear the day after tomorrow, you are correct. The messaging app is making several changes to suit the needs of their users, and in turn they are finding new tricks to make their experience of the application more enjoyable. One of them is the option to enable the Do Not Disturb tool. Here we explain how to do this on your device.

Although it is not an official tool from the Facebook platform, WhatsApp's "do not disturb" feature is very useful. This allows users to “disconnect” from WhatsApp without removing the application from their computer.

Do not disturb mode is available for Android and iOS operating systems, but with a few differences. On iOS devices, the function can be activated via the general functions of the phone, while on Android devices, depending on the device model, it may be necessary to download an additional app.

#WhatsApp The update is for the safety of the users and allows them to use less memory in the application.

– Entrepreneurs in Spanish (@SoyEntrepreneur) August 5, 2021

To enable Do Not Disturb mode on iOS:

The iOS operating system already has the "Do Not Disturb" tool in the phone's settings.

All you need to do is view your mobile device's notification menu, which appears when you slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen. From there, press the moon icon and you will see a list of apps where you need to select WhatsApp and the option "Mute" which will block WhatsApp notifications for as long as you want.

To enable the Do Not Disturb feature on Android:

On some Android devices, this can also be done through the notifications menu, which appears when you slide your finger down from the top of the screen. Then all you have to do is click on the icon of the circle that has a horizontal line.

However, some Android devices require you to first download the Block Apps application, which is available on the Google Play Store. It allows you to schedule WhatsApp blocking at a specific time (minutes, hours, days or indefinitely) so that you can focus on your tasks without interruptions.

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