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Regardless of controversy, Costco will proceed to test purchaser tickets and Profeco can’t forestall this from occurring

Critics have failed to stop Costco from checking customer tickets as they leave their stores. Even Profeco stated that it cannot ban the practice which has been described as annoying and even dangerous.

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3, 2021

3 min read

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Customers, social network users, and even some government agencies have long criticized stores like Costco and Sam & # 39; s Club for checking shoppers' tickets when they left their stores. Many describe the measure as "annoying" and even "dangerous", hampering shop evacuation and creating long lines. However, the controversy is not enough to stop this practice, which Cost will continue to implement as confirmed.

The Federal Prosecutor's Office for Consumers (Profeco) warned Twitter's self-service stores to stop checking receipts. The agency noted that once the product is purchased, it becomes the consumer's property and therefore should not be subjected to this type of practice

"This practice contradicts Article 10 of the Federal Consumer Protection Act," says the bulletin published by Profeco. This article prohibits suppliers of goods or services from engaging in practices that violate personal freedom, security, or integrity under the pretext of registration.

# Newsletter | Profeco is asking self-service stores to stop verifying consumer receipts.

This practice contradicts Article 10 of the Federal Consumer Protection Act.

– Profeco (@Profeco), April 29, 2021

The bulletin also indicates that it is an “act of unjustified harassment” and suggests possible solutions such as implementing consumer awareness mechanisms, better training of staff and / or better control of fees and products sold.

However, another tweet posted by the Attention Profeco account in response to a user's comment in the same publication explains that “it is essential to present the ticket when leaving” and that “at least in relation to the price club chains, this practice is not illegal ”.

Hello, Profeco has assured that it is mandatory to present the ticket when leaving. The agency made it clear that this practice is not illegal, at least for price club chains.

– Attention Profeco (@AtencionProfeco) May 3, 2021

This means that the ban on checking purchase tickets only applies to self-service and convenience chains, as well as to other companies that do not have a contract with the consumer for the provision of their services.

To report this practice, Profeco invites consumers to contact consumer phone numbers 55 5568 8722 and 800 468 8722 or send an email to the following address:

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