Purchase this, not this: Now you can buy an annual Sam’s Membership membership for below $ 20

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If you've been thinking of joining a warehouse club for its solid deals, cheaper gasoline, and free samples, this Sam & # 39; s club deal might be worth checking out: membership typically costs $ 45 per year, but you can now Buy a Sam & # 39; s Club membership for 19.99 USD here. Once you're a member, you can save even more, although this membership isn't for everyone (see pros and cons below).

The advantages of Sam’s Club membership: The savings in warehouse clubs can be significant, especially if you buy things in bulk, fill up your car there, or make large one-off purchases like tires or electronics, a US news report reveals. When you sign up for membership, you can add a member to your household for free and use your membership to shop online at for added convenience. Sam & # 39; s club memberships are usually cheaper than Costco's (base membership is $ 60 a year), and as Wirecutter notes, "Sam & # 39; s club deserves as much fanfare as Costco."

BUY NOW: Sam’s club membership here for $ 19.99

The disadvantages of Sam’s Club membership: You don't have to be a member to access all the offers: Non-members can buy prescription drugs and eye exams at Sam’s Club. And Sam & # 39; s doesn't always save you money, especially if you don't shop in bulk or shop there on a fairly regular basis.

Bottom line: Membership in Sam’s Club can be worthwhile and save you a lot of money, but it all depends on your shopping habits: If you don't think you will shop more than a few times a year, it could be a skip. But "if you know that you are taking full advantage of your membership and that you shop the cave-like passages often enough that your annual savings outweigh the annual membership fee, the price of admission can be well worth it," concludes Wirecutter.

BUY NOW: Sam’s club membership here for $ 19.99

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