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Proud: Don Maximino, 71, created photo voltaic stoves that don’t pollute

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26, 2021

2 min read

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This story originally appeared on México Desconocido

By Rodrigo Osegueda

Don Maximiliano Antonio Piedad The 71-year-old went viral on social media for inventing a solar oven. Maximino lives near the Central de Abastos de Ecatepec in the state of Mexico, where the clip was filmed in which he offers his stoves with which he wants to help the environment.

His project was born while watching a demonstration as a group of people built a stove with the help of a mirror and a wheel. Today, having perfected the instrument thanks to its ingenuity, thousands of people are trying to spread it the ecological alternative from Don Maximino so that he can benefit from the sale of his products.

In the video you can see how Don Maximino assembles a solar oven. The device is made of a polished metal antenna , on which the grill lies, where the heat from the reflected sun arrives.

In view of the innovation, a passer-by asks Don Maximino about the nature of his stove. He replies that it is a solar oven that I am creating to prevent it from being contaminated. He also tell her that it is an idea to cook products like eggs, vegetables and even a kilogram of meat.

According to the video, Don Maximino is selling his stoves for just $ 1,000, an amount that is easy to recover compared to what a household can spend on gas tanks. Don Antonio mentions, however, that his aim is not to convey how to make an oven when someone needs it, "because it is there one day and not the next". It is important to him that it does not become contaminated and that it is an alternative for people with limited resources who usually burn firewood or charcoal for cooking.

Contact phone number: 5540913614.

Don Maximino is a genius, he built a solar oven with few materials
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