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Prioritize knowledge safety with a lifetime second cellphone line for simply $ 20

With Hushed, you get a second private line on your primary device.

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31, 2020

2 min read

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Many people have a personal phone and a work phone. But why bother juggling two different devices all the time when you can distinguish between personal and work devices on the same phone? Whether you want a separate line for personal business calls, want to stay private while selling things on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, or just want to make sure your family has their own way of reaching you, a confidential private phone line makes a second device is unnecessary.

The simple, secure Hushed app makes it easy to call your second number without getting an expensive new phone contract. A Hushed plan is a combination of 6,000 text messages or 1,000 minutes of phone calls per year and allows you to make calls and send texts from a completely private phone number with no monthly fees. (You can always add minutes or SMS credit to your account.) You can choose from hundreds of area codes in the US and Canada and manage all of your communications from a single app on a single device.

With Hushed, you can customize your unique private voicemail and communicate over WiFi or data without incurring expensive service fees. It even supports call forwarding settings if you want to send specific people beyond your private number to your real number.

Hushed got a 4.6-star rating on the App Store, and TechCrunch calls it "A viable, lighter alternative to something like Google Voice."

There are no contracts with Hushed, but you can now sign up for a lifetime subscription for a single price. Typically $ 150, a lifetime subscription to a Hushed Private Phone Line is now only $ 19.99. Also get 1,250 minutes and 7,000 SMS for $ 29.99, 1,750 minutes and 9,000 SMS for $ 39.99, or 2,500 minutes and 12,500 SMS for $ 59.99.

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