Prime Ten: Weekend reads: Easy methods to be secure, with or and not using a face masks

The rise in COVID-19 infections when many states reopened is alarming. State officials have accused young people of gathering in bars.

Bars are banned in some states from serving alcohol, and plans to allow indoor dining are put on hold again. But in many other states, indoor restaurants have reopened and have stayed that way. Here you can find detailed information about why you should eat outside.

And wherever you are, wear a mask if you can to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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The additional $ 600

The federal government's weekly addition of $ 600 a week for unemployment benefits ends on July 31. Here it is proposed to extend or replace them.

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The Willamette Valley in Oregon.


These COVID-19 treatments actually work

We all hope for a coronavirus vaccine – sooner rather than later. William Petri, professor of medicine at the University of Virginia at Charlottesville, summarizes treatments that help people recover from the virus, while indicating which treatments are not working.

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Three retirement goals that may be "just right" for you

With so much change, it may surprise you that there are signs of a new life on the property market. Upcoming house sales rebounded tremendously in May, and there are further signs of a strong recovery in the property market this summer.

Silvia Ascarelli continues our series on ideal retirement goals and this time helps a reader who wants to live where it's not too hot or too cold and where people of all races feel welcome. In other words, a "goldilocks scenario". Weigh your suggestions.

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Having an excellent retirement problem

Alessandra Malito answers a question that most of us would like to ask: are we saving too much for retirement?

Good unemployment news, but earnings may slow down

The US economy created (or recovered) 4.8 million jobs in May, with the unemployment rate falling from 13.3% in May to 11.1% in June. However, there are good reasons to expect the pace of improvement to slow in the coming months.

Could Trump drain the swamp? "

President Trump famously said he wanted to "drain the swamp" in Washington, DC, referring to lobbyists' influence on members of Congress. Here's how well that went according to Issue One, an impartial watchdog.

Where you can earn interest on your money

If you have a savings account or a money market account, your interest rate is likely to have dropped below 0.10%. But Mark Hulbert has four alternatives that can help you achieve reasonable returns with little risk.

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Investment strategy in a distorted market

A traditional strategy for long-term investors is to have a shared portfolio with an allocation of 60% in equities and an allocation of 40% in bonds. But with such low interest rates (and bond prices so high), this strategy could backfire from here. J.P. Morgan has an idea for optimizing investment allocation.

Burton Malkiel, author of "A Random Walk Down Wall Street", believes the old 60/40 portfolio is a bad idea.

Your retirement investment strategy

It is very important to pay attention to the investment returns in your pension account. Paul Merriman explains that an additional return of 0.5% per year can significantly increase your wealth.

These healthcare stocks should perform well no matter who wins the November election

Here are six health stocks from companies that should thrive regardless of changes in the US healthcare system.

The Tesla plant in Fremont, California.

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Tesla tears it up

Shares in Tesla Inc.
+ 7.95%
more than doubled in the second quarter. And now that the pioneer of electric cars has exceeded its expected quarterly car deliveries, some analysts say stocks can almost double again.

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