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Prepare for Christmas with the perfect practices the restaurant sector has acquired in 2020

According to Salesforce, online sales are expected to grow by up to 30% year over year over the next Christmas season.

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10, 2020

4 min read

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By: Rodrigo Segal, co-founder of Justo.

The doubt of whether or not to venture into the digital life has lingered and now it's focused on how to use a single provider to ensure that you don't surf the website until the court hits the table. The importance of direct contact with customers enables the company to get vital information about what they like best, at what time and for a specific moment.

Small tree, balls, reindeer and lots and lots of technology. According to Salesforce figures, online sales are expected to increase by up to 30% year-on-year over the next Christmas season, which could represent a worldwide record of 804 billion euros. It's also an opportunity for businesses to position themselves in the tastes of customers who are just a click away.

Since arriving in Mexico in August, we've wanted to share some of the best practices we've developed in Justo and our network of allied restaurants so that guests can enjoy this holiday season without setbacks:


Have Your Own Comprehensive Digital Service: The doubt of whether or not to venture into the digital world is behind us and now focuses on how to use a single provider to ensure you browse the site until the court reaches the table, which means that you are integrating the internet point of sale with delivery service and marketing strategies that allow adaptation and quick response to any changes that may arise, e.g. B. higher peak demand for certain products.

Actively listening to customers: The importance of being in direct contact with customers enables the company to get vital information about what they like best, at what time and at a given time. Active listening is essential here to have clear and efficient communication that translates into closer and more personal service, creates a community, and has happy (and willing) guests who can continue to enjoy and recommend the spice.

Strengthening customer service processes: In 2020, sales from the delivery of groceries in restaurants increased by 16% compared to the previous year. This emerges from the report "Resilience of the restaurant industry in times of COVID-19", produced by México Actúa y Canirac. Companies have had to step up their service processes as the food is no longer just delicious. It's also important that the experience be positive from the moment the customer clicks on the page, selects their order, pays and receives it. In addition, he can be sure that he can write or call in case of questions to receive an answer in real time.

Sales Experiences: One of the most important lessons learned from this new normal is that food is just as important as experience: from navigating the pages to the way food arrives at the table – whether with special packaging or personalized notes. That way we want to be closer, maybe something that becomes even more important over the Christmas season when we are looking for even more comfort and closeness. A note with a "see you soon" or special promotions can be a big differentiator.

We know it was such a challenging year and that restaurants, without a doubt, play a fundamental role in adapting to the new normal. Nothing is expected more than a season of the year to remind us of the importance of loved ones and hope. And nothing is more familiar than the seasonal flavors that can be enjoyed with a click. More and more restaurants are keen to get this proximity to say: "Happy Holidays".

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