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Patricia Armendariz introduced that she is leaving Shark Tank Mexico. Who will keep of their place?

Businesswoman Patricia Armendariz took the news on social networks explaining her reasons for choosing the & # 39; Shark Tank Mexico & # 39; entrepreneur program. to leave.

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21, 2021

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If you're a fan of & # 39; Shark Tank Mexico & # 39; you need to prepare for the change that is coming in its cast. Mexican businesswoman Patricia Armendáriz announced she is no longer on the Business Reality Show and gave her reasons.

In a video posted on Instagram, Armendariz stated that he would continue to support Mexican entrepreneurs, but he will have to leave the program to do it his own way.

"Today I have the opportunity to continue to support people, micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who are my passion. To achieve this, however, it is necessary to stop participating in Shark Tank Mexico," says the director of Financiera Sustentable at the beginning of the Embassy .

The businesswoman, who has earned the public's admiration for her assertive and scathing comments, made it clear that she will not leave her "little sharks" helpless.

"I will continue to care for the entrepreneurs I have invested in the program and I will be expanding the investment on a platform that will increase coverage for beneficiaries," added Armendariz.

Armendariz thanked Shark Tank "for inviting me on an adventure that turned into a passion." She also expressed her appreciation and friendship to entrepreneurs who were “sharks” like them: Ana Victoria García, Andrea Arnau, Mauricio Hoyos, Luis Harvey, Marcus Dantus, singers Emmanuel, Carlos Bremer, Rodrigo Herrera and Arturo Elías Ayub.

"I know Shark Tank has been an educational tool that has changed the lives of thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs," said Patricia.

Who will replace Patricia Armendariz in Shark Tank México?

The reality show & # 39; Shark Tank Mexico & # 39; premiered in June 2016 and has five seasons so far. Patricia Armendariz joined the group of investors or "sharks" on season two and became an icon of the show.

In statements to Entrepreneur Mexico, Canal Sony confirmed the businesswoman's departure, stating that they will announce in the coming weeks who will take the place left by Armendariz.

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