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On the finish of the Pleasure month, there are 3 ways to proceed supporting the LGBTQ + group

30, 2020

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We are now realizing that encapsulated months of awareness alone are not enough to reduce systemic discrimination or marginalization. Don't get me wrong, the proud month is incredibly important for us LGBTQ + people. But it often feels like after the end of June, the message "Love wins" that companies bombarded me with throughout the month also disappears. Why is that?

You would actually gain more overall market share by speaking to us all year round. In the book Blue Ocean Strategy, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne use the terms "blue ocean" and "red ocean" to describe market competition. Red oceans are bloody, crowded, and saturated with other predators; In contrast, the blue oceans are untouched, full of untapped potential and without competition. Above all, the blue oceans are full of growth opportunities.

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Every year in June, marketing is important for and for the LGBTQ + community. But it's also a red ocean for the month (and it's a fabulous shade of red, trust me). Why don't you appeal to us all year round? We have a purchasing power of $ 3.7 trillion and are not afraid to use it.

Here are three ways to continue to gain LGBTQ + market share after the end of the proud month.

Use other awareness days throughout the year

Most pride prey falls in early May – so much so that the commercialization of pride has become a serious problem.

When the manufacturer of men's clothing, Chubbies, dropped an entire Pride collection on September 10 last year to draw attention to World Suicide Prevention Day, this surprised everyone – and was the best of the blue ocean strategy. With the line's release in September, it had essentially no competition from its usual retail competitors.

The campaign not only highlighted a real issue affecting the LGBTQ + community – the fact that queer teenagers attempt suicide three times more often than their non-queer counterparts – Chubbies used the launch forever and canceled its charitable donation agreement with The an Trevor -Project.

Almost every month of the year, LGBTQ + awareness days and events are celebrated on which you can align and support you. A short list of campaigns to start with can be found here.

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Are you afraid of making a mistake in your language? Do not be so; We need your voice. To ensure that your messages are correct and respectful, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) has a media reference guide that you can download for free.

Explain your position clearly

Anti-racism activism broke out in June, and many companies recognize the importance of placing their positions at the heart of human rights. A corporate statement about where you stand can go a long way.

Tomboy X specializes in gender-neutral underwear and it is certainly not the first company whose products are worn by more than one gender. I don't have to be surprised where the gender-neutral underwear company Tomboy X stands on gender identity, because everything is outlined for me in an open company declaration. If you stick your neck out and take the risk of expressing your opinion, you will get our attention because this is a risk that marginalized communities deal with every day.

Normalize our existence

I tear a little when I see a picture of a couple that looks like me on a billboard or in a commercial, especially outside of June. The continued rise in LGBTQ + representation in the entertainment industry has helped accelerate visibility year-round.

Software companies also receive the memo. Pexels, a free photo company, recently modified its algorithm to show same-sex couples in the results for search terms such as "couples" or "holding hands".

This seems small, but is actually a big step forward for our community. Ultimately, we don't want to be on a pedestal all the time. What we really want is to be portrayed as normal and part of everyday life because we are.

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Would you like to get your creative gears to activate other LGBTQ + stories and marketing? A selection of previous Pro-LGBTQ + campaigns and commercials (mostly produced by larger companies or agencies) was cataloged online as a reference.

With most pride marches postponed or canceled this year, the doors are wide open to create new virtual campaigns that support the LGBTQ + community. Get creative, find out more and don't be afraid to contact us outside of June. Remember: we are gay 12 months a year.


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