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Obtain your monetary targets separately

Meeting your money goals is not an easy task, which is why here at Mint we believe in celebrating ALL of your wins – no matter how big or small!

The newest Minter we've bonded with is Jamila, a healthcare advertiser. Jamila divided with us as they used Mint for the past 6 years to meet their financial goals. From tracking their monthly expenses to paying back over $ 80,000 on student loans. Learn more about Jamila's # EmpowerMint story:

For me, finance was something I had to learn on my own. I did my own research in books, the internet, and the media to get a better understanding of how best to manage my finances. With all of the knowledge I could gain, I wanted to find a way to implement financial strategies that I thought would work best for me.

About 6 years ago I started using the Mint app to help me stay on track to meet a number of my financial goals. I have set myself several goals in the app.

During that time, I used (and was surprised) all of the great features that Mint has to offer. My favorite features are definitely the Net Worth Tracker and the Spending Tracker. Seeing my net worth change over the course of the month is a great reminder that I am staying on the right track and continuing my financial growth. The spending tracker also shows me not only how much I spend during the month, but also how much I spend compared to the previous month. These two traits show me how close I am to my financial goals and help me hold myself accountable.

The monthly recording of my expenses in the app enabled me to achieve several of my savings and debt repayment goals. I am currently using Mint to track my progress in building a 6 month emergency fund and fully repaying my student and auto loans. In fact, Mint has helped me pay off $ 83,000 worth of student loan in 3 years and over three-quarters of my car loan in less than a year of taking the loan! If I stick to the plan that Mint has outlined for me, I'll be able to pay off my car loan by the end of the year and be officially debt free!

Every day I use Mint to check my net worth and expenses and see how I compare to my budget. I use the invoice application feature to set reminders for my invoices to be due. I also set budgets and categorize every expense I have so that I can spend less than my monthly income, which equates to me investing more in savings and investments.

Mint was so important in my financial journey. It helped me feel responsible in navigating my financial journey. Not to mention, Mint congratulates me every time I hit my budget and hit a financial goal.

What financial gain do you celebrate with Mint? Comment below!

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Annemarie Belda is communications manager at Intuit Mint. Her passion is helping readers achieve their financial goals, from opening a savings account to gaining financial freedom.

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