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OBB Sound Strikes cope with Audible to create unique applications

OBB Sound's "Striving for Health with Blake Griffin" podcast is the latest addition to Audible's range.

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26, 2021

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OBB Sound, producer of The Pursuit of Healthiness with Blake Griffin Podcast, has signed a two-year contract with Audible on multiple projects, including The Glowing, a new 10-part audio horror series with scripts. "OBB has a strong team of storytellers whose shows and visions span genres," said Rachel Ghiazza, EVP of Audible, director of US content. "We are excited to see what we can develop and create with them."

The entrepreneur spoke to OBB founder Michael D. Ratner earlier this year to discuss how his company was turning to stay productive and safe during the pandemic. Check out the interview here.

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