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Now you can select to have your Google messages despatched everytime you need. Right here is how.

Google's new feature for Android is great for distracted users, letting you schedule text messages, pictures and videos in advance.

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3, 2021

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We all forgot to send an important message when we already had this in mind: birthday wishes, announcements, etc. In order to allow users to be better organized, Google added a new feature to its messaging service on Android that allows you to schedule the message can send text, pictures or videos in advance.

So far, the only way to do this has been to write at that moment and hit the "Send" button. With this feature, users determine the exact day and time that the recipient should receive their message.

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– Android (@Android) February 23, 2021

How do I schedule messages on Google Android?

First of all, the user has to write their text and insert the pictures or videos they want to add. After that you need to hold down the paper airplane icon on the right. A menu of optional preselected dates will appear for you to enter a custom date and time. Once the message is ready, click the airplane icon. The message will be displayed in the chat along with a clock and an indication that it is a scheduled message. You can change both the content of the message and the time of delivery. All you have to do is click the clock and you will be presented with three options: update the message, send it immediately, or delete it.

The new feature is only available in the latest version of Google Messages. So go to the Google Play Digital Store and update it in the "My Apps" section.

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