NewsWatch: Why August is a time of vigilance for inventory market buyers in a pandemic

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August tended to be more prone to unexpected turmoil than its traditional reputation as a time when traders and investors laze around before the fall. See whole story.

Here are five value stock picks that will set up your portfolio for a pandemic recovery

Bill McMahon, chief investment officer for active strategies at Charles Schwab, warns investors about Tesla and other “momentum games”. See whole story.

The $ 600 unemployment benefit officially expires, but a state is considering reintroducing it

Democratic and republican lawmakers have fought over extending the $ 600 additional unemployment benefit that Americans have received, which has resulted in it completely lapsing. See whole story.

Apple splits its stock after a massive quarter – three things retail investors should know before taking a bite

A stock split is a financial “non-event”, but experts believe it can still affect investors' emotions. See whole story.

Here's the equity sector you want to be in when the Democrats win the November election

The regulation will not be as bad as feared now. See whole story.


Some people say that memes by white women who deal with blacks get a grip on behaviors that result from entitlement and privileges, while others point to misogyny and economic disenfranchisement. What is behind her anger? See whole story.

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