NewsWatch: What May Shake Markets In 2021 Even If Vaccines Are Launched?


Towards the end of a brutal year, Wall Street is optimistic for 2021 as the first round of COVID-19 vaccinations takes place, although much could still go wrong. See full story.

"The end is in sight" for the coronavirus aid package, but the timing of the vote is still uncertain

Congress leaders said they were on the verge of finalizing a $ 900 billion package of economic aid for coronavirus, but it was unclear whether lawmakers would vote on it tonight or Monday. See full story.

I am retired and I will no longer pay off my mortgage. Should I refinance to lower my monthly payment?

"I have to lower the headmaster so I can stay in my house because the cost of living is increasing every year." See full story.

Here are Wall Street predictions for 2021 that will stand out from the crowd

Mark Hulbert examines the arguments between value and growth, the prospect of an acceleration in inflation, and the chances of a double-dip recession. See full story.

Buy Tesla Stock? This is what an analyst says before the addition of the S&P 500

Tesla Inc. will be included in the major leagues of US stocks on Monday. This is a relatively routine move that has become unprecedented by the sheer size of the market valuation of the Silicon Valley electric car maker. See full story.


A second round of taxpayer financial aid controls was one of the few things that Republican and Democratic lawmakers had agreed on before the elections, but which was delayed due to other political disputes. See full story.

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