NewsWatch: The numbers inform us the economic system is best, however tens of millions of Individuals will not be feeling it


The U.S. economy has continued to grow despite a summer spike in coronavirus cases and the end of massive federal aid, but millions of Americans are either left out or at risk of being left behind. See full story.

Apple's launch event has a big unknown

There is debate over whether Apple will actually launch new iPhones on September 15th or wait for a future event. See full story.

Big Tech joins each other in the midst of antitrust investigations and litigation

"Battle Royale" recalls professional wrestlers involved in a brawl in which the fighters eventually attack each other until there is a final winner. With apologies to Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, Big Tech is taking on the same issues as companies attacking each other in multiple antitrust investigations and issues. See full story.

Did you miss Tesla's big run? There are still great alternatives to play the electric car revolution

Investors are investing money in pure electric vehicle stocks, but there is money that can be made by industry suppliers and even some old manufacturers who are about to get into the electric market. See full story.

Trump can beat Biden, the analyst says – watch out for a "big third quarter GDP number," a strong initial debate

While betting markets and polls among swing states suggest that Democratic challenger Joe Biden will claim a win on November 3rd, one analyst envisions how President Donald Trump could score a surprise victory like in 2016. See full story.


These valuable lessons can help you manage your finances during the coronavirus-related recession. See full story.

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