NewsWatch: The grey temper of American customers may convey the S&P 500 into the inexperienced within the subsequent 6 months


Consumer sentiment is a contrary indicator, so their current pessimism about stocks is bullish. See full story.

Buy the pullback in chip stocks – and focus on these 6 companies over the long term

The iShares Semiconductor ETF is down over 6% from its recent highs, much more than the S&P 500. See the full story.

I'm an "older millennial" with $ 2 million in investments but a low monthly income. Should I spend my savings to buy a home in San Francisco?

"I am still unable to qualify for any credit required to buy a home here and would likely have to pay cash for every home I buy." See full story.

Ignore Elon Musk's dancing distraction and face the dangers that lie ahead for Tesla

Investors should ignore the latest Elon Musk dance and instead focus on the growing problems Tesla is facing due to its chairman's outlandish claims about his company's tech capabilities. See full story.

I love cool weather and hiking, but can't afford to stay in Oakland – where in the western US should I retire?

Cultural offers are also on the wish list for retirement. See full story.


New York and San Francisco have evidence of vaccination regulations for indoor restaurants and bars, and some venues go out of their way to enforce it. See full story.

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