NewsWatch: Inventory market traders are making ready for the busiest revenue week within the final hurray in October


The tech giants of the S&P 500 will vie for attention as they block the market with third-quarter profits in the week leading up to the November 3rd election. See full story.

Ready for another big tech hearing / earnings double header?

Three months ago, big tech's biggest names went to a congressional hearing to be cursed by politicians for their business dominance, and stepped outside Wall Street a day later to be cheered for their financial dominance. Someone must have enjoyed this because it's about to happen again. See full story.

Trump, Biden Debate fields are leaving no mark on these Pennsylvania voters

Despite a more civil and often substantive discussion of key issues for Keystone State voters than the first presidential debate earlier this month, voters told MarketWatch that just 12 days after election day, the process had done little to change their minds. See full story.

Markets are driving the green energy transition away from reliance on oil and gas, regardless of the winner – the difference is how quickly

The US will move to a clean energy mix regardless of who wins the White House. But the pace of this change and thus the environmental impact could vary dramatically depending on the election result. See full story.

The first FDA-cleared coronavirus treatment is here. Who will get it and when?

Remdesivir, now called Veklury, is the first coronavirus treatment to be fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration. See full story.


“My mother-in-law suffers from dementia and is dependent on her husband as a caretaker. We cannot count on their help at all on this matter. “See full story.

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