NewsWatch: Coronavirus replace: Knowledgeable requires "radical transparency" on Trump's coronavirus therapy and progress, as extra within the president's circle are optimistic


The number of confirmed U.S. cases of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 rose to 7.4 million on Sunday and now includes President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania, plus at least eight other members in their circle. More people are expected to test positive from a rose garden event last weekend and others in the last week. See full story.

These money and investing tips can help you build a portfolio that can stand the test of time

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I am an upper middle class "loner" stepping on the "home stretch of my life" – who will grant my last wishes?

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Professional investors keep an eye on these eight stocks as the used car market moves online in the US

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When is the Mike Pence-Kamala Harris Debate?

Next up in the debate phase: Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. Donald Trump's Vice President and Joe Biden's fellow campaigners will battle it out in Salt Lake City on October 7th in the only Vice Presidential Debate of the 2020 campaign. See full story.


“My mother-in-law suffers from dementia and is dependent on her husband as a caretaker. We cannot count on their help at all on this matter. “See full story.

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