NewsWatch: Coinbase Hangover? Right here's why Bitcoin is doubtlessly experiencing its steepest decline since February


Bitcoin prices will drop into correction territory on Sunday, marking the sharpest decline in digital assets since February. This follows on a remarkable stretch for the crypto industry. See full story.

The semiconductor shortage will continue, but chipmakers will be affected differently

A global shortage of semiconductors – chips that power huge data centers, modern automobiles, and myriad of digital devices – has disrupted global manufacturing and is unlikely to end anytime soon. It is not a blanket problem, however, as different sectors within the chip industry will continue to be affected by the shortage in different ways. See full story.

Stocks are at all-time highs and the US economy is booming. Why is everyone so freaked out?

Strange things keep happening in the financial markets, from bond yields that go down when they go up, to almost daily fluctuations between beliefs in the bigger picture. Money is hard to deal with when everything feels so fragile. See full story.

These stocks are cash cows that you can use to play the value sector better

A cash flow approach is the best way to identify stocks of value in the modern economy, says Sean O'Hara, president of Pacer ETFs. See full story.

With these stocks you can tap into the hot real estate market

Many builders' valuations are still low while their implied upside is in double digits. See full story.


"We have five other siblings who are not currently aware of this rule." See the full story.

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