NewsWatch: Bitcoin costs have fallen by 50% from their peak and Mark Cuban calls the crypto crash the "nice leisure".


Bitcoin prices on Sunday afternoon are again in free fall. The world's leading crypto spiral is down more than 50% from a peak in mid-April amid further turmoil in digital assets. See full story.

If it's not about improved unemployment benefits, why are people turning down jobs?

Some people find it difficult to find a job while others need affordable childcare, housekeeping, or even transportation. See full story.

More investors than ever before are borrowing loans to buy stocks. That really means it for the market

Total debt has almost doubled since March 2000. See full story.

Why the future is not so bright for Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Apple and other expensive growth stocks

Earnings growth won't be robust enough to warrant current stock prices, according to new research. See full story.

Apple v. Epic: Tim Cook offers a strong defense of the App Store

Tim Cook, chief executive of Apple Inc., offered a strong defense of the App Store in federal court earlier on Friday to dismiss claims by Epic Games Inc. that the digital platform was a monopoly. See full story.


"My father, who passed away in 2009, and my mother shared a common will to leave everything they owned to my sister and me." See full story.

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