NewsWatch: Apple's launch occasion has a giant unknown


There is debate over whether Apple will actually launch new iPhones on September 15th or wait for a future event. See full story.

My parents have credit card debt of $ 50,000 and a home equity loan of $ 50,000. My father works part time and my mother refuses to work. How can we help?

"My mother seems to think that if they get extra social security they can retire in three years, but they don't have any retirement plans." See full story.

Fauci tells the Americans to "squat" this fall and winter: "It won't be easy"

Coronavirus cases remain "unacceptably high" as schools and restaurants reopen and flu season approaches.

The numbers tell us the economy is better, but millions of Americans are not feeling it

The U.S. economy has continued to grow despite a summer spike in coronavirus cases and the end of massive federal aid, but millions of Americans are either left out or at risk of being left behind. See full story.

A record number of Americans are renouncing their citizenship – here's why

Most of them already live abroad. See full story.


Two articles presented at the International Congress of the European Respiratory Society examined patients suffering from the health after-effects of the coronavirus. See full story.

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