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It's never too late to take advantage of all of the free social media marketing platforms that are available to you.

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15, 2020

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Starting a social media marketing plan can be intimidating. There is Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok, YouTube and many more. You need to post, run ads, comment on other people's posts, interact with your audience, grow your audience, and stay authentic all the time. It can be a bit overwhelming at first. Marketing on social media will only keep growing. Hence, it is important to keep some of the tips below in mind to help grow your business and grow your brand.

Know your product and your customers

Do you know your product from your customers' point of view? Answering some of these questions is a helpful way to determine your marketing strategy. By discovering the personality of your ideal customer, you can create posts that appeal to them.

What do you sell? Why are you selling it? What are you best known for? What is your brand

What would they look like in a bio person of your ideal client? Can you create multiple people and go through the purchase of your product as a customer?

Which words, images, or videos would these personas appeal to you most?

What would interest you with these personas for your social media? What would take them away from your social media?

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Understand every social media platform

Whatever you post has to be real and relevant to any social media platform. Is it good content for your current following? Is it a competition to get more followers and notoriety? Is it a sponsored post to get traffic and conversions? How do your words and pictures relate to your ultimate goal? Your words should be real, well-written, not too long (unless you are a writer), and interesting. Relate to your audience. Tap on who they are and what they might want to hear.


Good pictures, great words

Correct formats for all videos

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Be real and relatable. Make it personal and ask questions

Engage and Interact – Comment on other people's posts and reply to comments on your posts

Get help when you need it

You don't have to do this alone. That is much. That's why there are experts who help. Social media marketing agencies can help you with anything from your social media posts to hiring writers, graphic designers, and videographers to create high quality, branded content. When you start with an agency, you can get things moving. You already have a business to run and you can hand the reins to someone who can run your marketing.

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