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New York governor Cuomo urges Trump to signal masks for government orders

New York governor Andrew Cuomo speaks within the New York Stock Exchange after previously ringing the opening bell when the building opened for the first time since March during the Coronavirus Disease (COVID19) outbreak on May 26 Manhattan district in New York lasts, 2020.

Lucas Jackson | Reuters

Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, urged President Donald Trump on Wednesday to sign a national face mask mandate to curb the rapidly expanding coronavirus that is piercing the sun belt.

Cuomo said he was encouraged by Trump's support for masks on Tuesday after months of resistance. Trump warned Americans that the US pandemic is likely to "get worse before it gets better".

The president took on a "different tone" during his press conference at the White House on Tuesday night, which was "a good sign," Cuomo said in an interview with MSNBC.

"We need that. We need the federal government to recognize the problem. I think it has been denied too much for too long and we need the government's commitment," Cuomo told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell.

He applauded Trump's new face mask approval. On Monday, Trump tweeted with a face covering, which was "patriotic" action during the pandemic.

Cuomo said he wanted Trump to take his support a step further by signing a federal executive regulation that required masks across the country. According to Cuomo, health experts who advise the White House said that "40,000 more Americans will die because we don't have a mask policy," even though he didn't say who made the prediction.

"As incredible as it is, you can sign a piece of paper that will save 40,000 Americans. Why don't you want that?" Cuomo said.

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