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Methods to handle (and monitor) your social media popularity

Social media has become inevitable these days – knowing how to use it properly to control your online reputation is absolutely essential.

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30, 2020

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube; It's hard to do business these days without at least a young presence on these and other social media websites. While the purest definition of social media is "a technology platform that connects people," it can also be a valuable advertising platform that gives a company the ability to directly engage its fans on a large scale.

Social media from a marketing and PR perspective should be used to have a conversation with the public, and brands should use their experts to lead, track, and control that conversation. This allows the most successful brands to target, listen to and interact with their customers on different platforms. The unsuccessful forget this, which sometimes makes them seem stale or aloof – and sometimes even the source of anger as "greedy corporate giants" because poorly managed social media is the perfect recipe for a bad name.

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The Social Media Manager (Reputation)

A good reputation on social media depends on the company's social media manager. This person or team is responsible for ensuring that the company's social media has a clear and effective voice. Social media managers are by nature hunters who search each platform for mentions of the brand in every possible variation (even setting up warnings for common brand name misspellings) to find the discussions going on about that brand, product, or service be guided.

As an example, let's look at a typical job for a social media manager for Coca Cola. The hunter quality I mentioned earlier would be reflected as follows.

On Twitter, active trackers would be set up for every possible variable in the brand's search term:








Other things that need to be included are quotation marks around the terms to make sure that these exact spellings are included in the search results, as well as a daily overview of all hashtags that mention the brand in the first place.

Depending on the responsibilities of the social media manager, these variables may need to be expanded exponentially to include company names, executives, locations, regions, events, etc.

Social media monitoring tools

There are many social media monitoring tools available on the Internet, from free software to tools with high subscription fees. Any professional social media management software that is worthwhile should offer the following features:

Proactive sentiment analysis

Ability to monitor multiple social media platforms

Advanced keyword listening

Customizable warnings

The importance of guidelines

Since social media is active around the clock around the world, different people will be managing a brand's social media accounts at any given time. A brand needs to have clear guidelines for its reputation on social media, and all team members need to be trained in those guidelines. An important plan for continuity is also an important step.

Having a wide variety of team members, from the people actually having conversations to the managers overseeing the strategy, add to the overall success. It's important to maintain a style of communication that is consistent with the overall image of the brand (for example, a brand known to be fun-loving shouldn't post very serious content). In addition, insights and reports must be generated regularly and shared across the company in order to inform the management's strategy.

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The final result

A business today cannot afford not to have a comprehensive strategy for monitoring social media reputation. It's too ubiquitous. it's always there and always on. To do this effectively, it takes a good social media reputation manager and advanced social media monitoring tools. The potential uptrend is too big and the potential downtrend too devastating to compromise on any of these areas. Don't wait for a reputation crisis to hit to implement or perfect your social media strategy – as JFK once said, "The best time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining." Now, if you monitor regularly and maintain strong communication and engagement, you can effectively resolve disruptions before they escalate and make sure your reputation stays intact.

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