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Methods to Flip Your Small Checklist Right into a Massive Begin

Plan a summit and now add to your recommendation list.

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26, 2020

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It's weird and I'm not sure why our brains do this. We see someone else's success and we think, "I can't because I haven't started yet." I mean, logically, that doesn't make sense. Everyone has a moment in which they “start”.

The good news is that when you start your course it really doesn't matter how small your list is. We've got students going from zero people on their list to a six-digit start in less than a year using a key strategy that is waiting for your business right now.

Start with a summit start

You have probably seen this on your news feed before. A series of speakers coming together for an online event. But you may not have noticed that online summits are an ideal way to start your online business. Why? Because you will be able to grow your list and make sales online without spending more money on ads or a course.

Online summits are so powerful because you use the influence, authority, and lists of others to service your market and expand your own list. Simply make a list of the people you know who serve the same market as you but are not direct competitors to attend an online event. And if you haven't already, you will be surprised how many of them will say yes. When you are at your peak, there is an opportunity to be exposed to a larger audience just like you.

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Your speakers will help you add to your own list of heartfelt recommendations

Provide sample emails and social media posts to these influencers so they can easily promote your event. My company is hosting an upcoming Launch Secrets Livecast in which each speaker will receive an individual post and a group post to share with their followers.

Your sales are made by selling the summit records on the thank you page of your summit registration and during your event. To add value to your recording package, you can add bonuses from the speakers that will give them another chance to gain recognition and another reason to buy for your attendees.

During your summit, you can also use the platform to attract individual customers by offering a bonus strategy session every time you purchase a recording. During these strategy calls, get to know your prospect's needs, what they would consider profitable, and whether they are a good fit with the services you are offering. It's also a powerful way to find out exactly what content you should have in your course to meet the needs of your niche.

The secret to getting the most out of your new list is to not let it run cold

Plan ahead to keep in touch with your summit list and offer valuable content at least once a week until you are ready to officially launch your own course. That way, when you start, you have a list of the right customers that you already know, like, and trust and are ready to immerse themselves in your offer.

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When do you start adding and starting your list if you don't have a list and a course? You start right away.

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