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Meet the 37 startups that can speed up with MassChallenge in 2021

2, 2021

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There are 37 startups that were finalists and are being accelerated this year by MassChallenge Mexico, a global community of entrepreneurs whose accelerators do not require equity to take them to the next level.

For this sixth Acceleration Edition in Mexico, 629 applications were received from startups around the world. A total of 124 went into a second round where they were judged by 400 jurors and experts, 37 of whom were finalists to lead the process.

In order to ensure the safety and health of the participants and to avoid the risk of infection by COVID, the program is being carried out virtually for the second year in a row. This will allow the program to have international participants and mentors.

More women and food tech entrepreneurs

It should be noted that more women took part this year (49% of startups have at least one female co-founder) and the food tech and e-commerce sector stood out.

Camila Lecaros, Managing Director of MassChallenge Mexico, believes this behavior is directly related to the impact of the pandemic on shopping habits. "

We are excited to see how startups with their resilience, adaptability and rapid growth can reinvent industries. Today more than ever, we are convinced that entrepreneurs are the change makers of the world, ”he said.


The finalist startups

Of the 37 selected startups, 20 come from Mexico, three from Colombia, three from Chile, two from the USA, two from Argentina and startups from Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Spain, Guatemala and others.

In terms of the industries they belong to, 44% are from high tech, 30% from general industry, 3% from energy and cleantech, 8% from social impact, and 15% from healthcare and life sciences. In sub-sectors, 13% work in food tech and agriculture, 8% in fintech and 16% in e-commerce.

Energy + Cleantech

Preemar Soluciones Agrícolas (Water Treatment & Technology) (Mexico)

Real-time monitoring system of water parameters. Performs pH, temperature and oxygen measurements, among other things.


Costa Rica Insect Company (Food, Beverage, and Restaurants) (Costa Rica)

It aims to create sustainable insect-based solutions and provide nutritional solutions for malnutrition.

DTA – Agrícola (Agriculture) (Mexico)

It is a modular solution that automates traditional agricultural equipment, optimizes package management, increases productivity and reduces risks related to chemical and physical factors, based on the use of artificial intelligence and data mining.

Fanear (entertainment & media) (Chile)

It helps stakeholders in the live entertainment industry measure and validate their results, and provides a standard for KPIs with a triple impact (economic, environmental and sociocultural) for events.

GreenBTS (Agriculture) (Mexico)

"T2B" combines two unique technologies that have never been used in the agribusiness that save the farmer money and effort while increasing the quality and quantity of the harvest. – Plastic Free Supermarket (Grocery, Beverage & Restaurants) (Mexico)

The first local, plastic-free, home delivery supermarket in America, its goal is to minimize waste and live without rubbish.

M AEROSPACE RTC S. DE RL DE CV (Aerospace) (Mexico)

Creator of a unique metal 3D printing system that uses a five-axis robotic arm to print any shape without supports in a manufacturing area.

OptiProt (Food, Beverage and Restaurants) (Mexico)

Produces and processes edible insects for food. Produces proteins, nutrients, oil, organic fertilizers and zero waste, in vertical farms, with almost no water and no GH.

Pro Indie Music (Entertainment & Media) (Mexico)

They gamify artist development and customize opportunities and services to help independent artists thrive and grow in the music industry.

Shuttle Central (Travel & Tourism) (Mexico)

They offer trips to the airport in various destinations. They have been scaled to cover 85 airports in LATAM. They are developing a technological tool to alleviate their operational problems and provide automation for both travelers and end-suppliers.

Taskility (Transport & Logistics) (Mexico)

With Taskility, logistics can be digitized without code and regardless of the organization's degree of maturity.

TripYes! (Hotel & Tourism) (Chile)

Travel technology company that automates travel agencies and helps them cut costs, improve their conversion rate and meet customer expectations.

Healthcare + Life Sciences

GiveMove (medical devices) (Argentina)

Creator of BipMov, the first electric stander for children that promotes autonomy and independence while rehabilitating the user. (Health & Wellness) (Mexico)

They combine a holistic approach to wellness with artificial intelligence and gamification to create an engaging user experience.

LABINNOVA (Diagnostics) (Mexico)

Co-developer of an "electronic nose" configured to smell breast cancer with a sensitivity of 98%.

Alternative research laboratory (Therapeutics Pharma / Biotech) (Mexico)

In Mexico and Central America, they are the only laboratory that offers toxicological assessments without the use of animals. The aim is to position Mexico at the forefront of science in the toxicological field of cosmetics

MoviWear (Health IT) (Canada)

It is the pioneer of the NurtureWatch and MoviWearMedical 5G remote vital signs monitoring platform. Its cloud-based virtual platform monitors vital signs and quickly warns of changes in general health

Thermy (medical devices) (Mexico)

Her mission is to lower the death rate from late detection breast cancer in Mexican women and around the world. Women prefer Thermy because it is painless, non-invasive, quick, convenient, and non-radiant. It means 100% safe.


Alfi (Financial Technology) (Mexico)

It is a technological platform and application for financial education and inclusion that connects everyone to the financial system in a free, fun, accessible and playful way.

CompaSStage (Education Technology) (Mexico)

Their mission is to make art accessible to everyone. They believe in the power of art and creativity and are trying to bring them to all of Latin America.

Dakko Inc. (Financial Technology) (Singapore)

It enables employers in emerging markets to interact with their employees through a comprehensive platform that provides information and access to a wide variety of health, wellness and financial products and services.

DATAR (Financial Technology) (Mexico)

Focused on data collection for the insurance and financial sectors. They tested the concept of reducing auto insurance fraud by inspecting the insured vehicles immediately after the insurance policy was issued.

DISCOVERIFY (business software) (Spain)

It's a retail and e-commerce product discovery SaaS. Dealers can present their entire catalog in innovative ways.

goBox (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Guatemala)

Online shopping platform that, in cooperation with Amazon, Ebay and Best Buy, can find out the final price of a product right on the doorstep.

Hackmetrix (cybersecurity) (Mexico)

Its experts accompany and accompany companies in the implementation and compliance of their automated security platform. In this way, they allow them to close deals and contracts that facilitate the growth and expansion they seek.

Keyboo (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Mexico)

It is a market network for the corporate events industry. You have shortened the selection process to just 5 days.

Nibi (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Bogotá)

Creator of an online platform that connects people, charities and companies for social and environmental action.

Ocular (business software) (Chile)

Its video service platform enables agents to take calls, see in real time where the people they care for are browsing, view the person's screen, blur their background, view the recordings of each call, and connect to sources. Company information.

Puntopartes (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Colombia)

It is the premier online marketplace for construction, mining, logistics, and power generation equipment selling replacement parts online.

Silabuz (educational technology) (Peru)

It is the first social learning platform designed to promote the digital talent of Spanish speaking children around the world. Children interact by creating and sharing videos, tutorials, interest groups, projects, etc.

SlightPay (Online Commerce & Marketplace) (Argentina)

It promotes financial inclusion by offering a single credit for debit and credit cards at the POS. Within the immediate integration platform, SlightPay is driving the growth of the online shop by increasing its average sales ticket.

Stereotheque (online commerce & marketplace) (USA)

It's the marketplace and collaboration tool where anyone can find and hire creative teams as needed at a fraction of the cost and time.

Talentu (business software) (Colombia)

They are changing the way companies find and retain talent, automate 80% of the process and integrate an SAAS with market and network characteristics, creating a one-stop-shop solution.

Vaico (Internet of Things) (Colombia)

Develops technology solutions for complex data analysis and computer vision problems. You use deep learning, IoT and cloud computing.

Social influence

Different learning (education) (Uruguay)

It is a platform that promotes the digital inclusion of people with autism and other neurological disorders.

Mully Lingua (Education) (USA)

It is a digital learning platform and marketplace where families and individuals can connect with their heritage, participate in language enrichment, and gain cultural awareness in large, small, or 1: 1 groups.

Mutuus (Public Health) (Mexico)

It is the first digital healthcare membership in Mexico that gives you access to many of the best private hospitals in the country. You protect health and heritage.

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