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Meals to alleviate stress and enhance your choice making

Fatigue, anxiety and stress can determine the future of your decisions. We explain why it is so important to eat healthily.

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In a world where stress dominates our daily routine, coffee is our source of energy and lack of sleep on our nights, we find ourselves in a life that is prone to illness and bad decisions.

There is no doubt that eating a healthy diet helps our bodies function properly. Let's not forget that we are a perfect machine. But how does diet really affect our state of mind?

Stress and decision making

In contrast to the television, our brain is always on, even when we sleep. According to studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), living in a state of chronic stress can lead to physical, mental and emotional imbalances. The result? Demand and pressure, bad relationships, insecurity, lack of sleep, anxiety, anxiety and depression among others.

Identify the factors

Knowing yourself is important, listening to your body and nourishing it healthily is the basis for generating high quality energy.
Some symptoms to identify a stressful state can include:

Low energy, headache, upset stomach, insomnia. Frustration, mood swings and being overwhelmed. Difficulty relaxing, both mentally and physically. Constant worry, disorganization, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, pessimism.

Get on your way

Starting with good nutrition is the foundation for moving to a new mental and physical configuration.

Why change? Because if our personal and professional decisions are instantly defined, we need to be in our best condition to have the best focus.

The keys

There is currently a trend towards a healthy lifestyle, but we are by no means recommending that you make a Kardashian change. The goal is to change small habits in order to create healthier habits where possible.

We need to avoid those foods that trigger stress hormones, including cortisol. Therefore, some recommendations are:

1. The nifty: It's best to throw away industrial products as they are poor in nutritional quality and can cause mood swings, headaches, insomnia, etc. Example: switch canned foods to fresh foods, eliminate sugary drinks, replace muscovado sugar with white sugar, salt for its sea option. And also little alcohol.

2. Go organic: Consume vegetables and fruits without chemical treatment, these accumulate in our body and are difficult to eliminate.

3. Consume seaweed: Chlorella seaweed is a complete food with a large amount of nutrients. They have the property of helping the body detoxify and eliminate heavy metals, pollution products, alcohol and others.

4. Meditation: It is a mental nourishment that takes 5 to 10 minutes or more per day to find a quiet place in our home and let go of the thoughts that are overwhelming us. It is important to our mental health.

5. Coffee with tea ?: Reduce your coffee consumption and switch to teas that provide energy with less caffeine. Rooibos or white tea are good options for an intense day at work.

Bonus track: According to experts, the health of your intestines is directly related to states of stress. Hence, they recommend including probiotics in your diet.

We always recommend consulting a nutritionist.

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