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McDonald's Travis Scott promotion is so fashionable that it’s experiencing quarter pounder shortages

Rapper Travis Scott with his signature McDonald & # 39; s order

Source: Jerritt Clark, courtesy McDonald & # 39; s

Just eight days after McDonald & # 39; s began working with rapper Travis Scott, the fast food giant is reporting some promotional shortages in ingredients.

For dinner there is a quarter pounder burger with cheese, bacon and grated lettuce, sprite soda and fries in BBQ sauce for only 6 US dollars. Travis Scott, who goes by the nickname "Cactus Jack", also sells McDonald's items on his website, such as a pillow shaped like a McNugget.

McDonald & # 39; s said some of its restaurants were temporarily selling out some of the ingredients in the meal. As a result, it is temporarily controlling supplies of quarter pounder beef, bacon, onion flakes, and shredded lettuce to ensure restaurants across the country can continue to serve the meal. Rather than locations placing orders in the supply chain as needed, McDonald & # 39; s sends these ingredients to restaurants based on internal calculations.

"We are working closely with our suppliers, dealers and franchisees to get the affected restaurants back in stock as quickly as possible," McDonald & # 39; s USA said in a statement to CNBC. "Stay tuned and don't worry, we have more surprises from Cactus Jack soon."

Supply problems for McDonald & # 39; s are rare. During the coronavirus pandemic, the company said it had not experienced a supply chain break in any of its markets. Wendy & # 39; s, on the other hand, experienced a brief shortage of fresh beef this spring as national production of the meat declined due to closed meat processing plants. Since 2018, McDonald & # 39; s Quarter Pounders have also been made with fresh beef, which necessitated a revision of the supply chain.

Scott has a huge following, and McDonald's isn't the first brand to reach its potential. For the past year, Scott has worked with Fortnite, General Mills, and Nike from Epic Games.

McDonald's shares hit a 52-week high of $ 224.73 on Wednesday after rising 1% in morning trading. With a market value of $ 173 billion, the stock is up 13% so far this year.

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