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Man robs McDonald & # 39; s with a toy gun and asks for some rooster nuggets

The staff warned the perpetrator that the restaurant was only serving the breakfast menu at the time, so the thief had to be satisfied with a McMuffin.

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4, 2021

2 min read

This article was translated using AI technologies from our Spanish edition. Errors can occur due to this process.

Hi, I'm here to steal and can I get some nuggets, please! Ruddi Batten was jailed after robbing two restaurants, including a McDonald's. The 22-year-old man has reported to the police, reports the DailyMail.

According to the British Avon and Somerset Police, the young man robbed a fast food restaurant with a toy gun on the evening of February 7 and repeated the scene at a McDonald’s where he took cash and the next morning he asked for a couple of nuggets, the last ones he couldn't get.

Why did you run out of nuggets?

The staff warned Batten that the restaurant was only serving the breakfast menu at this point, so the thief would have to be content with a McMuffin.

Batten was captured on February 8, and police went to his home and found the gun, cash, and clothing that matched the young man's description, as well as the food packaging.

The perpetrator pleaded guilty to two robberies, two more related to possession of a counterfeit firearm and carrying a knife in a public place. Now he will be in prison for six years.

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