LoanDepot's income present sturdy origins and decrease margins

The first profits, released Thursday from the new public loan depository, put some pressure on the stock, but the price remains above that of competitors.

The company posted net income of $ 2 billion and annual origins increased more than 100% year over year, outperforming the industry's average growth, which was closer to 50% according to the Mortgage Bankers Association.

While the profit margin increased from 3.38% compared to 2.81% in the previous year, it decreased from 4.48% in the third quarter. The share price on the reporting date fell a little more than USD 2 to USD 25.69 on the day of the earnings announcement. Rocket Cos., LoanDepot's closest competitor among the non-bank mortgage lenders new to the market, traded at around $ 20 per share.

The company's margin thinning is only relative to the extraordinary gains posted during the recent refinancing boom, and analysts and investors shouldn't be sidetracked by the more stable, long-term earnings the company is positioning itself for, CEO Anthony Hsieh said .

“The industry can move dramatically and sometimes violently. Although we are in cyclical business, we are in predictable business, ”he said.

To that end, kreditDepot has designed its strategies to match the collective strengths of its competitors without putting all the eggs in one basket like some of them, Hsieh added.

For example, the company is diversifying its sources of purchase credit by expanding its relationships with home builders.

This is important because the mortgage industry traditionally relies on the more predictable buy market to sustain it amid fluctuating refinancing fluctuations, and opportunities in the homebuyer market are currently mainly limited by inventory levels. New home mortgage finance applications increased nearly 19% year over year and 17% month over month. This emerges from the latest report by the Mortgage Bankers Association released on Thursday.

However, the market for new homes is relatively small. Some home builders have their own mortgage units and construction growth is limited, which resulted in the seasonally adjusted annual rate for home starts falling 6% in January.

Because of this, home builder reach is just one of many loan product channels the company will rely on to stay competitive, Hsieh said, citing its focus on a wholesale unit, more traditional branch network, digital mortgage channel, and service retention -Unit.

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