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Learn the way math can be utilized to develop your enterprise with these prep programs

What you learned in high school just isn't enough.

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21, 2021

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Math is not always easy. That's probably why most people don't pay as much attention as they should in high school math or do college-level math. But the weak argument, "When will I ever use this?" Getting more tired every year, especially for entrepreneurs. In the real world, you use math all the time. And if you can do better, you can very likely become more successful.

The Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle is designed to give you an advanced math education without baffling you. This 10-course package includes 96 hours of training in calculus, number theory, clustering and more – all of which are handy for running a business.

Instructors like Nouman Azab, Ph.D. (4.4 / 5 stars) and Miran Fattah (4.4 / 5 stars) will guide you through some of the most important calculations that will help you in your everyday life. You'll start with Precalculus to get a refresher on what you likely learned in high school before getting into the gist of the calculus. Then you'll start digging into the harder, more theoretical things.

In an introduction to number theory, you will learn how to study numbers and their patterns, relationships, and properties. You will understand how numbers interact with each other and how to do a variety of conversions to improve visualization and data management. A course in graph theory to visualize data, an introduction to discrete math that allows you to use computers to crack numbers, and an in-depth look at cluster analysis and the mathematical foundations of machine learning and data science will give you the right knowledge the training that will deliver business insights in the years to come.

Learn math to become a better entrepreneur. Currently, the Mastering Mathematics Training Prep Bundle is available for just $ 29.99.

Subject to price changes.

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