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Learn how to safe the bag in 2022

Do you live by the mantra "New Year, new you"? Year after year we set ourselves these resolutions and goals – so that they are discarded before the year can fully blossom. Are you looking for ways to improve your life? Are you keeping the things you started? Get Real Results? Check out the tips below to help secure your future and your pocket for the year to come.

Write down your goals

As much as we'd like to think of ourselves as computers, it's nearly impossible for us to remember everything we'd like to do. The best way to stay focused and organized is to just write down your goals.

Try your best not to think too much and start writing down everything that comes on your mind. Essentially, this is a brain dumping exercise that will allow you to clear your head as much as possible. Often times, confusion doesn't necessarily come from not knowing, it's simply because we didn't write our thoughts down.

Once that is done, the second step is to refine. Go through everything you've listed and organize it into categories. From there, you can highlight the 3-5 most important goals that you want to achieve. That way, you can only focus on the priority objectives – and when those items are completed, the next in line will be part of the conquest!

Would you like to start a new career or a new company? Write down all of the to-do items required to achieve this goal and assign a specific number of tasks per day, week, or month. This way, instead of overwhelming yourself with unrealistic expectations, you create an actionable guide that will lead you straight to the finish line.

Self-assessment and readjust if necessary

Let's take a moment to think about 2021. What are the things that you did particularly well? Which points could be improved? Can you remember the goals that had no effect at all?

Before you can run, you need to know where to start. Be honest with yourself – this is not an exercise to stir up negative and unproductive emotions. This is to plan your next steps and make them effective.

If you've spent too much on freely available items this year, try the cash method for your purchases. Would you like to increase your earning potential? Update your resume, network, and explore the opportunities that interest you. Saving for a Big Purchase? Create a sensible savings plan that outlines the steps to ensure you are successful.

Remember, this is not a one-day exercise. Over the course of a week, take some time to really think.

Avoid impulsive behavior and identify the cause

Each of us has thorns in our backs that take us away from our goals – big or small. To see the real problem, we need to tap into our self-esteem and discuss some ugly truths. For example, if you are on a fitness journey and want to get healthier, a routine is mandatory. Timetables enable us to work more efficiently. Let's say you want to exercise at least three times a week. This means that a certain time window must be planned for the actual training. After that, you need time to eat, prepare food, and move on through the day. If any of these links are missing from the routine, you might be tempted to skip the workout entirely.

What has to happen Have food ready on the days you exercise. Give yourself enough rest the night before to make sure you get through the day with energy. Try your best to eat the right foods to avoid feeling sluggish or irritated. Have your workout clothes ready the night before to avoid mishaps in the morning. No matter how crazy and insane these little things seem, they are very powerful. It creates a smoother workflow that reduces fears, worries, frustration and irrational decisions.

Let's talk about money!

If you have an excessive spending problem; consider it. Do you spend more money when your emotions fluctuate? Use some self-care techniques to relax and unwind before making hashish decisions. Try to include yoga in your weekly routine. Get away from the computer if you feel stressed at work. Exchange the impulse to express something positive, e.g. Take a short walk, for example, or simply log out of social media. Sign out of retail emails so you don't even have the urge to spend money. When you are mentally and physically healthy, your finances have no choice but to benefit positively.

Let's talk about retirement

Before the year is up, evaluate your retirement account, savings methods, and / or investments. Does your selection match the financial goals you have set for the coming year? Rate your posts and adjust them as you see fit. If you are in any doubt or need further advice, contact a financial advisor. Don't let yourself get stuck in challenges! There is always a solution. Take a deep breath and reconsider your goals in moments of frustration.

Create an accountability master

We can't live alone and in captivity, so what better way to involve the people who are closest to you than by creating an accountable tribe? Set up some safe meetings or virtual check-ins, if the schedule allows, to discuss hiccups, achievements, and lessons. This creates a sense of community and support. It's almost like leading your personal cheerleaders through every stage of life. You can gain multiple perspectives while having a safe space that will not judge you for your mistakes.

Stay positive and stay on track

Don't settle for less in the coming year. The key to achieving all of your goals can be broken down into two main categories: persistence and discipline. Will the work always be easy? Absolutely not. Your goals will stretch you in new ways and create a new level of resilience.

2022 is available to us. You have the tools; Get the job done now and secure the life you really want to live!

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