Key phrases: “Expensive intern, it's getting higher.” Monica Lewinsky joins the Twitter customers and helps the HBO Max intern behind the failure of the “integration check electronic mail” again

Dear intern: We were all there.

HBO Max subscribers received an amazing email Thursday night with the subject "Integration Test Email # 1" and text that said, "This template is only used by integration tests." Some thought it was spam. Some thought it was a fraud. And some thought that maybe an intern or young professional had screwed something up.

It emerged that an intern accidentally sent the blank test email to part of HBO Max's mailing list, the streaming service confirmed on Twitter.

"We apologize for the inconvenience and as the jokes pile up, yes, it was the intern," the statement said. "Not really. And we'll help you." It ended with a heart emoji.

And the reveal did something amazing: it actually brought out the softer side of Twitter.

The phrase “Dear Intern” started with 4,500 tweets on trend and counted on Friday afternoon as numerous professionals showed their solidarity with the anonymous HBO Max newbie by sharing their own embarrassing stories from their early careers.

Monica Lewinsky was among the notable verified accounts that tweeted support, writing, "It's getting better." And then, in a cheeky nod to her internship affair with former President Bill Clinton that led to his impeachment in 1998, she added, “Ps. don't wear a beret for a while, k? "

The amusing anecdotes came in. “It's an email. At least you didn't inadvertently delete the entire Chyron graphics archive on the Community Access TV station, "wrote one reader, signing:" A broadcast engineer who once accidentally deleted all the Chyron graphics on a Community Access TV station when he was an intern. "

"I turned off Spotify once worldwide," said another, who admitted it happened almost twice.

Another confessed to accidentally emailing everyone on the Senate Judiciary Committee: “I'm bored; is someone doing something interesting? "

And a senior engineer at Amazon Web Services announced that they once dropped a production database – and it did so after they'd been promoted to senior engineer.

Here are a few more confessions from former interns, assistants – and even some veteran workers.

Several others praised the intern for accidentally giving HBO Max a successful viral marketing campaign. "Sending integration test email # 1 (passed by the way) could be the best marketing @hbomax has ever done," wrote another. "Congratulations! Get a beer or two."

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