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Information To Reaching Your Monetary Objectives (Now Yeah)

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Now that you have your financial goals for 2021, you may be wondering how I can achieve them.

I'm going to tell you how to get there, but I want to give you a different angle so that you can achieve whatever you set out to do, not just your financial goals.

It's not about magic, it's about connecting things together perfectly so that your goals come true.

I'm going to share five steps to help you meet your goals for the year.

Step 1: Make your goals clear

The first step is to have a clear definition of the goals you want to achieve in the different areas of your life.

The areas to focus on are:

+ Economic: This is the area that focuses on money and concepts such as savings, debt, and investment.

Some financial goals you may have are how can you pay off your debts? How much money will you have in the bank at the end of the year? How much money will you have in investing per quarter?

+ Professional: This area has to do with your job growth. Goals in this area can be: get a master’s degree, get a job promotion, start a business.

+ Relationships: This area relates to interpersonal relationships with your close circle. The goals that you can include can be: celebrate your anniversary on the beach, take a trip with your family, have a big party with all your friends.

+ Health: Your physical and emotional wellbeing is very important and should be part of your goals for this year 2021. You can set a goal, see a nutritionist, hit the gym, and take part in a marathon.

+ Personal: In this area you will incorporate your hobbies and passions. As a goal in this area, you can include learning a musical instrument, buying a motorcycle, or taking dance classes.

+ Spiritual: In this area are the goals that you associate with the spiritual part. These can be things like taking yoga classes, helping a charity, among others.

Step 2: make a plan

You need to list all the things that need to happen in order to achieve a goal. For example, if you are going on an anniversary trip, you will need to provide the date you will be traveling, ask for permission at work, and look for alternative planes and accommodation. The aim is to make it clear what step you need to take to achieve your goal.

Step 3: schedule

Enter a deadline for each step. In a calendar, you need to locate each step on a specific date. It depends on when you run it. If it is not scheduled, you can forget about it and you will never meet it can also save alarms on your mobile phone.

There are two things you need to consider: the first is how much money do I need per month to take the steps that will lead me to my goal?

And the second thing to consider is how much money do I need to generate to cover the month's expenses and meet the steps?

Step 4: implementation

Knowing what to do is not enough, you have to apply it.

I am going to recommend two things that can help you achieve your goals. The first is to set triggers:

You need to define a reward (positive trigger) for achieving each of your goals, such as: B. Buying a cake or a spa day, and a penalty (negative trigger) for not achieving it, it has to be something that hurts. If you love your hair, an appropriate trigger can be shaved. The point is, you want to achieve the goals by not going through a negative trigger.

The second thing that will help you achieve your goal is to have a follow-up partner. This could be a close friend, family member, or your partner. You will communicate your goals to this partner, hold regular discussions and together assess the progress of the goals.

Ideally, you have both goals to achieve so that you can empower each other.

Step 5: visualization

Live in your mind all goals and each of the steps, visualize yourself accomplishing the goals, and connect this visualization with all your senses. When you reach them you will create an anchor in your subconscious, your mind will know and think about what will happen. When you reach your goal, it will be easier for you to do so.

Follow this method with each of your goals and you will achieve each of those goals.

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