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In line with At House's CEO, the retailer might develop to greater than 600 shops as gross sales improve throughout the pandemic

A household goods retailer saw sales increase during the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers flocked to his website and stores to buy new garden furniture and office supplies. And it has big goals to grow as many retailers lose weight or some in its category like Pier 1 Imports completely shut down.

Ato CEO of Plano, Texas said Friday afternoon to CNBC's Kelly Evans that the company could grow from the 219 locations it has today to more than 600 stores across the country.

"We are a growth company," said CEO Lee Bird. "We have grown by almost 20% in the past seven years."

While some struggled with the Covid 19 crisis and saw sales decline, At Home's business is booming, according to a recently released preliminary earnings report.

Earlier this week, At Home released preliminary, unaudited results for the last quarter that ended July 25. Quarterly sales in the same store are expected to increase 42%. At Home's second quarter net income is expected to be at least $ 82 million. Revenue is approximately $ 515 million.

"We believe this will take some time," Bird said on Friday about people investing in their homes. "People will feel much more comfortable staying at home than being outside. … After September 11, people stayed at home … and that was a benefit for our industry that lasted for several years."

At Home shares have risen more than 123% this year. The company has a market cap of $ 778.6 million.

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